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Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post
Thank you Freaky Quilts Dragon for the links. The 1st one you posted by plaidepillar is "exactly" how mine looks right down to the same case it is housed in. The 1st page of the manual directed to Housewives is quite funny.

Yeah, that manual - the first page of it at least - is a hoot. 'Congratulations on your incredible machine and while we did have a sales man tell you all about it very thoroughly in the name of more thorough thoroughness we made this manual for you because this sewing machine is so much sewing machine and long winded intro to what is probably a long winded manual and of course we can't just get to the point we're German engineers it's our job to be exactingly precise and use lots and lots of precisely exacting words and on and on and on...'

It's endearing that just the intro seems to take up more than one page to just let you know that it's the manual. I bet the actual instructions are very, very accurate!
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