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Originally Posted by mjpEncinitas View Post
Oh I love Mobius strips. Purple and Mobius two of my favorites. For those who don't remember what a mobius strip is:
Mö·bi·us strip
ˌmōbēəs ˈstrip/
noun: Möbius strip; plural noun: Möbius strips
Thank you so much for defining what a Mobius strip is! I simply never thought of doing that, and, other than my husband, my son, my brother, and myself, I haven't met anyone who recognized the term, much less who loved Mobius strips, like we do.

I finally just started telling people my quilt was sort of a representation of the infinity sign or even just a fancy figure 8.

(It's also sort of a mathematical, physics, art-type thing figured out some time in the 1800's by German mathematicians.)

But no one I have spoken to knows what it is though I guess Eileen Wright does, since it is her pattern and she called it Mobius.

But thanks for being someone who knows what it is and then having enough common sense to define it in case someone was curious. You made my day!

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