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Retired Enjoy all the time you can get with the grandson, you know they grow up way too fast.
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Zozee: I didnít take your encouragement that way. I also hope everyone is safe.

Well, my UFO is still languishing but I did watch a 5th grade great niece play basketball this morning and picked up my machine from the LQS for its annual cleaning. Then I came home and my son asked if I wanted to visit grandson Jack. Of course, I said yes! I could only hold him for a few minutes because he is slightly jaundiced so he needed to be on the light mat (bilirubin light thing). I read him 2 books while my son was burping him. Precious. He will be a week old tomorrow.
Bugaroo That is gorgeous, you did an awesome job on the quilt.

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I just finished my Farm Girl 2 quilt over-sized queen. I did it all on the sewing machine! Don't think I will ever do that again. This is my first full sized quilt. I learned a lot along the way!!!!
WMUTeach Great finish and a wonderful story.

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OK folks on the UFO journey, here is my big reveal! My sister-in-law, who passed away 20 years ago, left 100 hand pieced blocks named Pontiac Star. I found them in a box with the magazine pattern/directions, her plan for layout and the plastic templates she made and used. I challenged myself to learn to hand piece and finished the additional 32 blocks needed to complete the quilt as she had planned early this fall.

She was a master quilter and hand quilted most of her work with the tiniest stitches imaginable. So to honor her intention, I next my next challenge was to learn to hand quilt and complete the quilt as she would have. My stitches are not as tiny as hers would have been but they are within the acceptable range and yes, I got much better as I progressed. I finished adding the label on Friday night and gifted it to her youngest son and his bride yesterday. He was about 15 when she passed away and did not have "grown up" quilt from her. Now he and his new wife have a quilt from both his mother and from me, his Auntie Linda.
Retired - nice donation top, sorry about the added stash, I know you will use it up.

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Another UFO finish! The fabric and finished blocks were in a donation. The blocks were already sewn into 3 rows with the vertical sashing. I needed to cut one more horizontal sashing and then sew the rows together. The only fabric I added was the bright blue stop border. The outside border was from the backing fabric that was included. I will add quite a bit of fabric to my stash from the leftovers but I will keep them together to use eventually as part of a different project.

This is only a top and will be given to my church group to finish.

I donít know how to rotate the picture. Oh, well.
Zozee will keep your family in my prayers, make sure you and your husband take some time for yourself to recharge so you can support your husbands family.

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Since last count (02/03/20) I believe we have finishes declared by

retiredteacher -1

Total 8.

If Iíve left anyone out, please speak up.
Iíve had a lot on my mind since Thursday. My husbandís eldest brother is in critical condition following an aortic dissection, in addition to stage 4 cancer. Family have been called. My hubby is driving to Ohio with another brother tomorrow.

Can someone please take over the count from here? Between this family emergency and grandbaby coming and son turning 18 on Valentineís Day, I am not going to be able to stay on top of this task .
Krisb thank you for stepping up and helping.

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Zozee, I can pick up the count for the balance of February. We will all have you in our prayers.
Pearl, congrats on the finish.

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It may have taken 5 years but the binding is on. One down, eight to go.
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