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Thank you, krisb, for taking over counting for me. Thanks, everyone, for your prayers. My brother-in-law has been in a step-down unit following a few days in CICU. He had a much better day yesterday so my hubby made plans to come home today. Then last night there was a serious setback (BIL had blood in his urine) so they ran more tests. My hubby and his other 3 brothers have decided to come home anyway and are en route through snow in Ohio.

They are all beyond exhausted and emotionally spent. I am preparing the house now for a relaxing homecoming so he can just plop and drop, get a back rub in his own bed, and tell me all about it. Which should take 32 seconds. He is a man of few words who keeps too much in. (i balance us out with too many words. LOL)

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