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Originally Posted by GingerK View Post
At the last executive meeting, it was decided to suspend guild meetings until the New Year. Annual fees will be just over half the regular fee. Newsletters and BOM's will continue on a monthly basis. There are several reasons for not having actual meetings--only 50 people allowed in the whole complex, which would cause great uncertainty to the number of members allowed to attend. The necessity to hire a cleaner at the Guild's expense--as much as $50 for a single meeting. And many many of our members are seniors. We are erring on the side of caution.

Suggestions for keeping the 'flame alive' were more QBA classes--small groups learning a technique from a fellow guild member, people with similar interests meeting in smaller groups, a rather convoluted way of dropping off and picking up bags for our Bag Ladies round robin that has been on hold since last March. Many of the older members do not even have a computer so Zoom is hit and miss. We did have some speakers who offered video trunk shows. We'll see how that goes.

at this point I think our Guild will meet in the New year. Sad....
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