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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
NZ, yes, PM me to let me know you want to join in and how many swapping partners you want. That way I don't miss any one's message buried in the thread of our conversations .

I promised to show what I was doing with my birthday candies. So here it is. Each block is from one person's envelope of little treats. I am writing your name on the upper right rectangle. (I have covered Macybaby's real name, but it is on the block for posterity. This will serve as my exchange block quilt for 2021. My local quilt group is not doing an exchange this year. So sad.
I have wanted to do this for years because It is such a nice way to document who is in the group. I have 8 blocks done and will keep plugging along until of you are represented in my 2021 quilt.
What a nice idea to use your birthday candies like that! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's block!

I did something of the same thing a few years ago(yep it's not finished yet) and I just made a 5 x 5 block of my favorites that they sent. I have it almost finished but I am doing "quilts you go" so I am running into a few problems with that.
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