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Have you ever done anything completely shocking

Have you ever done anything completely shocking

Old 01-14-2011, 02:41 AM
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have you walked thru the mall and burst out in a song started dancing your way across the aisles of a store anything? I can remember one time my husband and I were walking in a store and I said "lets go home and make babies" and I didn't realize I said it really loud and all these people stopped and looked at me.
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not yet --where there is life the is hope!!
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So many times I can't remember all of them, there's some I'd like to forget and can't, and some that I can mention on here or anywhere else. Before being delivered from that lifestyle I used to be an "anything goes so go for it" type of person---pretty wild.
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Ohmygosh yes!!!! Let me set up the scene for you. We have quite a lot of Hispanics here but they do all their shopping at WM on the weekends. Having lived most of my life in Ca. I learned a lot of Spanish words mostly the bad ones. LOL! So any way we were in WM on a Sat. and my DD was being a pain in the butt so I called her a name (jokingly) in Spanish. Well DH looked at me and said you need to look up. We were surrounded my Hispanic men with their mouths hanging wide open in shock. I don't know if the shock was from what I said or that I was speaking Spanish. Not too many white ppl around here can speak a single word in Spanish let alone understand any of it.
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Oh Lordy, I did it at a restaurant in Colorado Springs over Christmas!

My younger DD who was hosting us -- me, older DD, and GS for the holiday (first time we've ever all been together for Christmas) -- was not feeling well when we arrived and she spent several days being really sarcastic, withdrawn, and just plain bit--y. To the point that we were all walking on eggs....you know, the family dynamics at holidays.

Finally, in the restaurant one night, as we sat down, she did it one last time, got on my very last nerve, and I slapped my hand hard on the table, causing everyone to look around at us, and I said, "This will stop right now!". She responded by looking at me like I'd tried to turn the table over, and said, "Do you want to walk home?"

My older daughter and grandson's eyes flew open, she said, "Mom?!"

I ignored her, looked right at the younger DD - a 30 year old pediatrician! - and said, "Shall we take this outside to the parking lot?", just like I had to do so many times when she was little and pushy.

She got up from the table and went to the restroom. For a long time.

Older DD looked at me; I looked at her and said, "I'm so sorry you had to see that, but I have learned too well over the years that when K--- gets this way, NOTHING seems to snap her out of it but a scene, preferably in a public place where she can walk away but has to come back calmed down. I'm sorry, but I had to do it. Sometimes a grandmother is still a mother."

And sure enough, when she returned without eye makeup, she was pleasant, polite, participating and we all had a nice dinner.

Of course, I was shaking in my boots, but eternally grateful that it still worked, even though I truly did hate pulling the I'm-still-your-mother rank on her in such a place!:oops: The rest of the visit was delightful!

Jan in VA
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Old 01-14-2011, 06:59 AM
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Good for you! Drove to the Metro, beautiful snowy night, 20+ years ago, to pick up DH in my full length fur coat and heels. Great night!
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Hosta - sometimes you just have to let the "crazy" out for a little bit of air. You probably brightened the day for a couple of folks. :)
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Have you ever done anything completely shocking??

Nothing that I'm willing to broadcast or that I'm proud of.
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Originally Posted by KathyAire
Have you ever done anything completely shocking??

Nothing that I'm willing to broadcast or that I'm proud of.
Exactly where I'm at. :-(
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Well, I didn't do it, but I was the recipient!!! One day, many many many years ago, my 1st DH and I were at an intersection at a stop sign. Pedestrians were walking across in front of us -- our windows were open. All of a sudden in a really voice, he said "I don't care you want -- we're not having sex in the car right here"......I wanted to sink to the floor -- on the crosswalk heard him!!!!! :oops: He thought it was funny -- but we lived in a small town........EVERYONE thought I'd asked for that!!!!!!!

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