One Room School House

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Default One Room School House

I went to school in a one room school house for the first 2 years. Of course my mom and dad did too when they were kids.

Ours was called Oak Grove School. It sat in the country out in the middle of nowhere. No other buildings around. We had 16 kids in our class. I can remember walking into the classroom for the first time and sitting at a table with 2 other little girls. There were only 5 girls in our class.

I remember playing tag and blind man's bluff and red rover and lots more in the country yard.

We had an electric pole on the edge of our school yard. We would put our ear to the pole and hear the humming. We decided we were hearing people in Hell talking! LOL

Did you go to a one room school house and do you have memories to share?
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Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!! I've always (to this day) wished I had grown up "rural" and used to tell my father on a fairly regular basis that he should sell the house and buy a farm. I had it all worked out in my head and could not for the life of me understand why he never agreed. Dad was a plumber, a good living, but it didn't offer the horses I always wanted!

I grew up in a well populated suburb of Chicago. Our school which had at least two classrooms for each grade 1-6 (there might have been 3 classrooms for each grade - 40+ year old memories are fuzzy), was 2 blocks from my house. My father attended the same school, which had me baffled when he told us the "when I was a kid I walked to school in bare feet in the snow up hill both ways" story, because there wasn't hill to be found on 34th street!!

We walked to and from school every day, never got a ride. We also went home for lunch ever day - again - walked. Ditto for any after school activities - walked. Kids could walk the streets without fear of pretty much anything in those days, even at night.

It's so sad those days are gone.
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When I turned 6 my folks built a new house on the south end of town. For the first 2 years, 1st and 2nd grade I attended school in a small house that was converted into a school. It was only a block away. They were in the process of building a new school so this is where we went while the new school was being erected.

My sister still lives in the old neighborhood, in fact just a block away from this school. Its still there, in fact its being used for "special" students.
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I also went to a coutry school. until the 8th grade.
only we had two put together with the middle
being our recess area and eating area. and i loved
it we played all them games and also we had
a very good soft ball team. it is now a pig barn.
amazing isnt it?
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The one room school in this area is still in use. It stopped being a used as a school in the early 1960's and now is a community center. While it was still a school they added on another classroom for the little kids and a lunch room. Many of my neighbors started school there and two of the teachers still live nearby. We quilters have a designated area for our quilting group and meet there every week.
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I did not go to a one room school but I did go to one that had 2 grades in each classroom. This was in a small town in Indiana and the school has been gone a long time but, much of the town remains the same.
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I wish I had attended a one room schoolhouse. I think that many ages together is very good for kids. My children's daycare was a small private home-based daycare with babies through 3rd grade, only 12 kids total. And their elementary school was 1 class for each grade, kindergarten through 4th grade. Smallest school in the area. and it was great!!
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I, too, did not have a one room school house, but kindergarten thru 12th grade were all in one building. And my class only had 22 kids. That was in a very small town in Upper Michigan.
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I remember going to a two room school house. Fourth,fifth and six grades in one room and seven and eight in the other. The gym and music teacher traveled by car once a week to teach us. I remember the games you mentioned. We all played them out on the playground at recess. I loved growing up in my hometown where we all knew each other worshiped together played together and helped each other. REmember the party line on our telephones?
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I went to a one room school for all 8 grades. We had a special 8th grade graduation. I think there were a total of 13
kids in the whole school when it closed. I can remember playing outside for recess - all the fun games like tag, playing softball, playing red rover. Those were the days. I have fond memories of the teachers we had. My 8th grade class
had 4 kids in it. I was the valedictorian and my best friend was salutatorian. It was a big celebration!
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