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Using 2 different colors of thread on front and back

Using 2 different colors of thread on front and back

Old 06-10-2022, 12:50 PM
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Default Using 2 different colors of thread on front and back

I have read that using one color thread on the front of your quilt and another color on the back when you are quilting is a no no.
I just completed a quilt that has a lot of white on the front and the back fabric is black. I am not a very good quilter and would rather my thread did not stand out and show, which it would of course in this case. Have any of you been successful at doing this. I understand the problem revolves around a tension issue that is difficult to control resulting in one thread being pulled up and becoming visible on the other side. (like little pin dots)

If you have had experience with this, can you please share it with me.
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Old 06-10-2022, 01:51 PM
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I use different color threads a lot, as I prefer to use pre wound bobbins and therefore have a limited selection of colors for bobbin thread. but I do teand to choose something that is fairly close to the same value as the top thread. so, it doesn't make for obvious pokies. however, you may have more difficulty with black and white as the pokies would be more apparant. have you thought about using a light gray on the top and a dark gray on the bottom? both would blend to the fabric fairly well and also then blend with each other. just a thought. or if you insist on the black and white threads, you could consider adding an extra layer of batting. I find that the thicker the quilt, the less pokies, since there is more material to absorb where that pokie is and it is more likely to land in the middle of the quilt.
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Old 06-10-2022, 02:59 PM
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I also use different colors on the top and bottom and also use pre-wound bobbins. My machine auto adjusts tension.

Try a quilt sample first to see how the quilting looks front and back. Good luck!
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I would also suggest a grey, Also would use something that is a thinner thread like So Fine or Bottom line. You can try it on making a quilt sandwich on scraps and see if you like it. I always use what works best with the top and then use something on the back, that is not going to show much if my tension is off a bit. It doesn't take much to throw tension off a bit to show the bobbin thread a bit on the top, like going over a thick seam, or around a tight curve, or simply going to fast. I also have used a sort of pastel, dusty color on the top if there is a lot of white depending on what other colors I have used. Like a very pale yellow, rose, green, or blue. Often those do look fine on the white if using a thinner thread and do not look so stark on the darker colors like white would.
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I don't have a problem using different threads top and bottom, with my Bernina domestic machines. But have to match threads very closely with my Handi Quilter longarm.

I agree with what the others have said -- match threads as close as you can, and use the thinner threads so they blend in better.
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Old 06-11-2022, 01:32 AM
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Ah yes, I believe you have encountered Quilt Police who gave you a *Law*

Tell them to suck it

I agree, a predominantly white front and black back will look odd if you use the same color threads. So don't . Make a practice sandwich (as someone else suggested) to make sure you have the tension right and minimal pokies. Then.. don't worry and quilt your quilt.
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Old 06-11-2022, 03:34 AM
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Many times I've used two different threads, but of equal value in thickness for quilting. When I have to do this, I like Gutterman thread for the bottom as I only have off white and beige cone threads that I use on top or for piecing. It's your quilt ... do it your way!
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You need a perfect stitch for two color threads. That is how we were taught to adjust tension in Home Ec class. Using white and black thread in the machine on pale color fabric. I still do it this way when adjusting tension on any machine. There should be but one color thread showing on top and one color thread shown on bottom. The old vintage machines are always perfect stitchers. The newer ones not so much.
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I have used two wildly different threads on the top and bottom, but I used a thicker batting. I needed to adjust the tension slightly and while I was quilting it there was the pinprick issue that you mentioned. However, it couldn't be seen from farther away. When I washed and dried it, you really couldn't tell at all. It was close quilting and it puckered the way I like it. My quilts do not come with a magnifying glass.
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the main reason that people try to avoid using different color thread on front and back is that if you have a tension issue, it will show because of the two different colors. If I'm working on a quilt where there is a strong value difference between the color on the top and the color on the back, then I will use two different color threads when quilting. When using two different color threads, I take a lot of time checking both front and back to make sure I have no tension issues.

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