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Janice McC 01-16-2022 09:33 AM

Azaleas – 2 month Boom Group Thread
Good afternoon! Here is the Azaleas dedicated thread. You may certainly comment on the Begonias thread but your pictures, questions and comments about anything Azaleas belong here. All rules still apply and you can find those in the sign-up post. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Hav4boys (Two sets)

Important dates for this group:

ALL F8s due to me Thursday, January 27 2022
I ship F8s to you Monday, January 31, 2022

Azaleas blocks due to me Thursday, March 24, 2022
I mail blocks Thursday, March 31, 2022

From this point forward, please post here. Thank you!

Annaquilts 01-16-2022 09:51 AM

Hello fellow Azalea swappers. I really enjoy seeing people's fabric and looking forward to working on the blocks.

Libster 01-16-2022 10:45 AM

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I've made another block for my Azaleas group. Welcome to all of our new Boomers and a warm "Hello" to all of our regular Boomers. Block making is a very welcome distraction to the ice outside. Now, if we just don't lose power.

Annaquilts 01-16-2022 11:31 AM

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2 month March 24, 2022 Azaleas
Fabric Chicken Wire on White
I would really like chicken blocks, either a silly pattern, a regular pattern, a great chicken fabric, fussy cut any style.
Please no pink, any color neon, solid fabrics or other white besides the chicken wire white.
Have fun! Thank you.

Libster 01-16-2022 01:59 PM

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Last one for today.

Janice McC 01-16-2022 02:25 PM

Darling heart and star block! Libster, Are you still getting snow? It’s supposed to stop here in a couple of hours. We’ve gotten over a foot by the acrylic quilt square measure. :)

Originally Posted by Libster (Post 8531533)
Last one for today.

Libster 01-16-2022 03:45 PM

We got a trace of snow before it all turned to sleet. Late this afternoon it changed to freezing rain and started coating the trees. Thank heavens we haven't lost power (yet). Expecting about an hour or two of snow before it all moves out tonight.
It's getting colder by the hour here. Everything is pretty well cancelled for tomorrow and some places have already cancelled for Tuesday too.
I made a pot of chicken soup and cut and sewed blocks today. It's been a "flannel gown, thick robe and cabin socks" kind of day for me. I was definitely not stylish, but I was comfortable and warm! Might do it again tomorrow! Stay safe and warm, Everybody!

Janice McC 01-16-2022 04:41 PM

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We’re still getting a bit of snow but it’s getting much colder here too. Tomorrow is the day I’m concerned about since high winds are forecast. Icy and windy equals power outages. I spent the day alternately shoveling snow and piecing blocks I made last year into larger blocks. I’m making a small version of Bonnie Hunter’s “Shattered” pattern. I want to get them made into a flimsy and turn it into a wall hanging for the sewing room. After that, Boom blocks from years ago!

Janice McC 01-16-2022 05:19 PM

FYI, I’ve gotten Libster’s F8s and several other packages are on the way. Woo hoo!

travelinggramma 01-16-2022 05:30 PM

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This is the fabric for the 2 month. Just loved the movement and primary colors. I can see anything added to do with flying - airplanes, balloons, jets, rockets, etc. Have fun.
Love the idea of wall hangings for your new room Janice.

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