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Default Latest Acquisition

I found this beauty at the thrift store for $35. Serial number says it was made in Jan 1900. I'm a sucker for a bullet shuttle.

The decals are in various degrees of good and bad. The center medallion on the bed is in pretty bad shape.

Haven't done anything with it yet. It needs new wiring. Any advice on this machine?
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Here are a couple more pictures.
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Wow, I like that spring belt for the bobbin winder. I think it was a Franklin that had two belts, one for the machine and one for the bobbin winder.

It looks like it has one of the connectors that might be called Manhattan or Chicago plug which are no longer available. Some of them may screw apart so could rewire it. I'm guessing that it does not actually have a motor boss. I'm also guessing that it may not have an actual Singer motor, but could be. I think I have seen a foot controller like that - maybe even a Singer one.

No, I don't have any advice for you, other than to rewire and enjoy.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.

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Default be careful

I would think the wiring would contain asbestos. Please be very careful and would there also be lead in the paint? You found a beautiful machine!
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What a pretty little machine!
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Congrats! Nice machine.

Do you really think novices like me can give you advice on sewing machines? Yeah, right.....

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This is a beautiful machine! Rewiring it totally will be your best best for repairs. It will also be a challenge since it does not have a "real" motor. I am wondering if the entire electrical system was an add on. You may want to consider looking into that before you restore it, especially if you want it restored to its original state and beauty.
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Great find. Could you add a couple pictures of the motor? I would like to see how the motor is mounted and the spring belt for the bobbin winder. Thanks
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As motors became popular for driving machines, people could take their treadle only machines and get them "upgraded" with a motor and light. Unless someone did the motor/electrical modifications at home, my understanding is that if the same were done by a non Singer dealer then the badge would have been removed as part of the modifications, so the setup may have been done by a Singer dealer back in the day.

I also am curious to see the back of the machine and how the motor is mounted.
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Here's a couple other pictures. You're right, Janey. It doesn't have a motor boss.

The bobbin winder spring belt is not something I've ever seen before. I'm glad it was included!

The wiring is all bad, except where it plugs into the motor. Even the lamp is broken. Can I solder new wires into the lamp?
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