Warning-Wool Ironing Pad

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Default Warning-Wool Ironing Pad

I don't know if this has been addressed yet. First, Wool Ironing Pads deliver as described. They are remarkable. The problem is: cats like to dig their claws in them. You get a "felted" look to it. You can still iron on it if it doesn't get too bad. You can turn it over if it does get bad. Just thought I would share this experience.
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I bet they would be nice to sharpen claws on. I hope you caught it before it got too bad. Maybe put it in a large paper bag when not in use?
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Sounds like a good gift for a cat - even if there is no quilter in the family! We donít have a cat now but will keep this in mind for future.
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I will keep this in mind as I am looking to purchase one. Right now I don't have any animals. I will definitely keep this in mind as I now know not to take it with me when I visit my grandchildren and daughters as they both have cats.
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I ordered a 1" thick wool felt mat for a custom cutting table I had Got it from Sutherland Felt (google them) I called, explained what I needed. For a 3'x6' 1" thick mat with shipping, it was about 125.00. My cat loved it almost as much as I did. LOL The felt was so tight, mine didn't get a felted look to it - and withstood tons of scratching. I can't imagine WHY the cats love it so much... I mean, mine never messed w/carpet or other things when it came to scratching, but that mat - it was heaven for her. LOL
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I just ordered one and I have three cats. Thanks so much for posting this.........
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Originally Posted by Barb2018 View Post
I just ordered one and I have three cats. Thanks so much for posting this.........
Are they waiting at the mail box? This made me laugh so hard.
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Originally Posted by Annaquilts View Post
Are they waiting at the mail box? This made me laugh so hard.
Ha! I once had catnip toys delivered to the house while I was away - the pet sitter messaged me shortly after, asking if I knew what might be in that box they could not leave alone!

My guys *love* the wool mat I have on top of my board, but they don't use their claws on it at all -they just rub it with their faces and purr! I remove the loose fur from it before using with a lint roller. Ymmv!
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I wonder if cats love the wool mats due to the odor they can give off? If you get the mat wet a bit, you can smell it and some say it smells like .... well, sheep I guess. I put a cotton piece of fabric over mine after scorching it due to spray starch or too hot an iron, not sure which. Now I just use the mat and maybe a bit of spritz of water if needed but still keep the cloth (pillow case as someone suggested on another thread) on top of the mat. They do a nice job on pressing pieced units and such.
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My kitty thought it a great place to sleep so I keep the cardboard that came with it on top of it when not in use. Seems to do the trick for me.
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