I read Billy's (glad to see you!) post about getting into the industrials, mentioned it to Herself and she wanted to know what the 111W115 looks like. She thought it looked interesting and I remembered seeing similar machines on Craigslist so I went back to take a look. One of them is a 21W180. The literature I've found says it's a compound feed - both needle and drop feed. Sounds like it would be the ultimate setup for working with sandwiches, particularly if more than one part of the sandwich was slippery!

Of course that's marketing literature and we all know how much that can differ from reality so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience.

BTW, part of the marketing for that machine says it's for light and medium weight fabrics. Examples are haversacks, cartridge belts, canteen covers, leggings.... Hmmm, the blurb was written for 1918