Boy do I feel old

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Default Boy do I feel old

1973...and it's described as an antique
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lol defo not Antique but vintage for sure....i feel yer pain Great looking machine though
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Originally Posted by JoeJr View Post
1973...and it's described as an antique
At least they are not trying to pass it off as an early 1900 machine.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.
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Would love to see the serial number on that machine. I bought my first sewing machine in the early 70's and did not see one with those decals or a bentwood case in any store.
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So a quick look on the wubs yielded the following.

Modern 'Nostalgia' Model 15’s

From the mid 1970’s what are often referred to as ‘Nostalgia’ model 15’s were made in Taiwan and then later in China. These were made to the same design as earlier machines with the traditional black cast iron bodies and with the RAF or Sphinx decals etc. They were even supplied in the old style bentwood cases or treadle tables.

The machines built at the Singer factory in Taiwan were identified by the model No. 15NL. The Chinese made 15CH179 is a current model being sold into various African and Asian countries. Although these machine look like the originals, there are subtle differences and they have a poor reputation of being lower quality machines that tend to be very noisy in use.

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That'll make you feel old. I remember the first time I saw the dolls I played with as a child in an antique store. Yup. I felt old.
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I would be considered vintage too by 1973 I was legally drinking in bars Now I don't drink at all, I quilt instead. Does this make these quilts vintage? Now the 'quilts' I made back then were not like what I do now. Back then it was mostly baby blankets and I did not even think of them as quilts. Now your machine is considered vintage. I have a couple machines that fall into this category. One of them I use all the time and I do hope this machine of yours becomes an all the time use machine too. Vintage machines are great to sew on as the are often made better than many of the machines made today. Congratulations on this one.
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This moth I just hit the 40 year mark of working in the same place. 39 years of the same chair.
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Well is is a beauty, as are all of us who lived through that era.
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Originally Posted by leonf View Post
This moth I just hit the 40 year mark of working in the same place. 39 years of the same chair.
It must be a great chair!

My favorite quote about the 70s is from the late Spy Magazine, which called it the "wide decade". Wide hair, wide sideburns, wide pants, wide ties, wide lapels.

It's really fun to see how the illustrations in sewing books change: the color pictures in the early mid 70s Vogue sewing book are amazing. By then 'ethnic' had become high style (they'll have to grab the collection of YSL Vogue patterns from my cold dead hands -- from Dr. Zhivago through Chinoiserie to vague Balkan to people's front militaresque. My freshman year in college was '72 -73, and I wasn't capable of sewing anything like that until much later in the century.)
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