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Default Hi NC granny here,

Help with parts for Elgin 2468
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I am not familiar with that machines but a quick search found several you tube videos on it. It claims to be Viking designed and may also be White involvement. Do you know what parts you need. Can you post pics?
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Welcome. Per
Originally Posted by Ncgranny View Post
Hi I need help locating a manual, bobbin, bobbin case and cams for a Elgin 2468 any help would be appreciated thank you.
it looks like you got an answer about the manual. There is another that probably isn't as good, but it is free. If you put WS1145 in for the model number at https://www.singer.com/support it will bring up just one result. It is for a White s-1145 which I found to work for the 2468 as well.

The cams for the Dressmaker, I believe will work. The cams can be seen at https://www.worthpoint.com/worthoped...468-1840332574 and also https://www.quiltingboard.com/8261159-post130.html I found a set of cams that will work on the 2468, but they also work on my Miracle machine. The patterns are differently numbered than the ones for the 2468. Sometimes not all of the cams in a set will fit properly. I know someone that had trouble with one of the cams and reamed it out. I know one of mine didn't fit and I chipped it trying to get it to fit.

I fairly certain it takes 15 class metal bobbins and one o'clock finger bobbin case part number JO1313. It is the one for side loading machine. There is also bobbin cases that look the same, but are for front facing bobbins.

We like pictures. In order to post pictures on Quilting Board, you will probably need to reduce or compress the picture to a file size that is smaller than 2MB. How to post images can be found at https://www.quiltingboard.com/attach...020-01-17-.pdf
Don't forget to scroll over to the far right to find and click on the "Upload" button.

I have found that only the big red "Reply" button or "Quote" work to give me the paper clip icon to work for adding pictures.

Some additional info regarding reducing images at post #4 and images for the scroll and upload button can be found at #5 of https://www.quiltingboard.com/main-f...d-t312607.html

I know bkay has or had a Elgin 2468. She has said that is also like a White 2468. Maybe she will pop in and give some more information.

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I had one, but I sold it. I liked it. I just had too many machines. That blurb about Viking is probably a "line" to sell that machine. The seller made the video for that purpose. It's a class 15 machine and probably made in Japan.

What parts do you need? Many are standard, such as the bobbin case, winder tire, etc.

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