Needles for National machines

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Default Needles for National machines

I own an Eldredge Rotary, manufactured by National, and like virtually all National machine owners, I'm left searching for needles. Usually these are vintage Singer 1x20 or Boye 21 needles, and the cost has been creeping up past $3 a needle.

I recently spotted a needle currently in production that may be a substitute: the DPx35R manufactured by Organ, a Japanese company. According to the information available on the ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society) website, the needle for the Eldredge Rotary had the following dimensions: shank diameter, 2.02mm; length fom base of shank to top of eye, 38.2mm, overall length 42.9mm. The Singer 1x20 and Boye 21 are just a hair shorter at 42.5mm.

The catalog available through Organ's website gives only the first two dimensions, but they're virtually identical: shank diameter 2.00mm, length to top of eye 38.2mm. I tried to use the "Contact Us" feature of the website to get the total length, but was unable to get it to work.

Has anyone ever measured a DPx35R needle against one of the vintage Singer or Boye needles, or better yet actually tested it in a National-made sewing machine? The DP-35R is marked as an industrial-machine needle, and online sellers typically list only industrial machines (Pfaffs and Adlers) that are compatible with it. I haven't been able to find anything to suggest that anyone has ever tried one - successfully or not - in a vintage home machine.

DPx35Rs are titanium needles which purportedly last five times longer than chromed steel, and they're advertised online for under 50 cents apiece (Amazon sells 100 for just over $37). Given the dwindling supply and skyrocketing cost of vintage needles, they'd be a welcome substitute if they could be made to work.
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Welcome. I've heard of these needles recommended as a 20x1 sub before but I haven't tried it. The needles are very similar in dimensions but the DPx35 is a round shank needle while the Eldredge Rotary needle is flat. A lowered 15x1 is another option. 15x1 is closer to the original needle with it's flat shank. The Dpx35 has the advantage of not having to fool with the needle height. DPx35 also goes by 134-35.

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Being an industrial and a round shank, it would bring the needle further away from the hook. If you were to use it, which size would you use?
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Another alternative would be to have a sewing machine tech change your needle bar height to a height that would let you use a common needle. The tech would have to time your machine, also, as changing the needle size will change your timing, but all in all, it's very easy to do.
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