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Labrat 06-02-2021 12:11 PM

Looking for any information on a Domestic Rotary model 153
Hi All, I'm hoping to be able to get info on my recently acquired Domestic model 153. Id like to clean and service it. I have the manual but I was told it has been a minimum or 25 years since it was used. I don't want to hurt it. I've already ordered a friction pulley replacement.

is the procedure much the same as a singer cleaning? Singer is the only other vintage machines I've ever had contact with. And they weren't vintage then!

any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you


leonf 06-02-2021 12:59 PM


Domestic and White were both made the same in the days of your 153 Does your ID plate happen to start with MG?

Lots of oil everyplace that moves , or should Taking apart the tension assembly is not for the faint of heart.. yes cleaning procedure is pretty much the same, but don't expect Godzilla finishes to shine. Welcome aboard form Kansas USA

Once you get it running, place a little wedge between the motor and the case so the friction wheel won't rest on the hand wheel if you leave it for more than a month.

Labrat 06-02-2021 01:10 PM

Thank you and yes the serial number does begin with mg. 153M-27617. I saw a YouTube video where the man said his machine was from 1947. I'm unable to find anything that definitive tho. I know it's easy with Singer but I'd love to know when this one was made. The man I bought it from had not idea. He knew it was from a relative but didn't even remember who had given it to him.
the crinkle finish has some flaking but not bad. I need to find a bulb too! It looks like a Christmas trees bulb in design but I know it's not. My main concern is just to get it useable without hurting it.
so I think, it will get oiled at the manual approved points and see where we go from there!

Labrat 06-02-2021 01:54 PM

Sorry, 153MG-27167

leonf 06-02-2021 04:30 PM

nope nope nope. manual points are for a machine that is used regularly. If yours has set for a decade or three, it need much more oiling. take it off the base or out of the cabinet, turn it upside down. left side right side take the faceplate off and oil every place steel rubs against steel.... And the good new. MG stands for magnesium. It was made lighter to compete with Singer featherweights. without the MG they are cast Iron and much heavier. You are unlikely to hurt it. Have fun.

Labrat 06-02-2021 05:12 PM

Thank you! It's really not on a base, that fell apart. I have pieces and I'm putting them back together. I can use some towels to make a bed.

leonf 06-03-2021 08:08 AM

some 153s came in little suitcases.

Labrat 06-03-2021 08:30 AM

Wouldn't that be nice to have. I'm afraid this one will go in a modern carry "case" aka zipped tote bag!

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