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PamelaOry 01-12-2020 02:10 PM

My new blackside featherweight
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Picked up my new blackside featherweight this weekend and took a class on how to care for her. Iíve decided to name her Dora after my grandmother who was a seamstress.

I had quite an adventure finding one to buy. Twice I had people try to rip me off, once by selling me a machine they didnít have (they took pictures from someoneís eBay listing and used them on Etsy) and an eBay seller claiming they had a blackside but they conveniently posted pictures that just barely didnít show the faceplate. The serial number fell in the wrong year which was a dead give away.

we ended up buying one from a very reputable dealer only about 3 !/2 hours from us, At quilters connection in Olympia Wa. He even threw in the maintenance class which was yesterday. It was a ton of fun to take apart our new machine, learn how to oil and maintain her, and a little about how they work.

she runs like a dream now!

im working on trying to soak off that old tape glue now, itís really on there! Not sure what else is safe to use besides sewing machine oil and kerosine. Sheís about a 7 in condition with some chips on the hand wheel and worn off decals, pin scratches etc. I think sheís a candidate to have repainted but hubby thinks we she leave her as is. He didnít even want me to try to get the tape residue off. He likes the feeling of the history she holds. She was commissioned in 1941. Quite a bit of history there.

quiltingcandy 01-12-2020 02:20 PM

Congratulations on getting your new machine. They are so much fun. I contemplated buying a FW that was already repainted - they are SO pretty. But like your husband I like the feeling of the age and history it holds. Also, I am not sure if i would use it if it were too pretty. This may sound funny but I will oil it and clean it a bit but for serious work it goes to my favorite repair shop because it's the smell of the oil and grease that does me in. I am impressed you can and are willing to do it yourself.

Tartan 01-12-2020 02:27 PM

Cute machine and I would just use a little machine oil on the tape. It might take a few days of soaking but it is better to use something that won’t damage the surface and take your time.

SusieQOH 01-12-2020 02:42 PM

Pamela, congratulations on getting a FW. They are so much fun!
About painting- I've never seen a price that was even close to reasonable! lol
They are cute though.

leonf 01-12-2020 03:00 PM

I just took duct tape off a VSM, right over the decals. Sewing machine oil, a thumbnail and several days of soaking between attacks and it came out niceley. Congrats.

Mariposa 01-12-2020 07:53 PM

Congrats on your "new" machine!

BonnieJP 01-13-2020 03:29 AM

Congratulations on your new Featherweight. I bought a 201 last year that had masking tape residue. The members here recommended using sewing machine oil to remove it. It took several days, but it worked.


sjwnana 01-13-2020 04:17 AM

mix some (1/3 cup) equal amounts, coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of lemon oil. opt ..mix well , put a good coat on the tape sticky and let set 15 min or more it should wipe right off but.. do again if not the first time... I use this to get labels off jars I want to reuse

cashs_mom 01-13-2020 12:55 PM

Congrats on your FW! I have a black one and a white one. I'm sort of casually looking for one in so-so shape to have repainted now. I so want a turquoise one to match my 66 mustang!

juliasb 01-13-2020 02:36 PM

Congratulations! You will have loads of fun with Dora!! I love my own little Olivia. The are such a treasure. I know you will love it to life.

luvstoquilt 01-14-2020 05:22 AM

Oh congratulations! Welcome home Dora! Once I name one they are here to stay! Such fun!

LifeLovePassion 01-20-2020 04:29 AM

Enjoy your new machine!

Hooligan 01-21-2020 07:52 AM

Looking for one of these myself. Enjoy :thumbup:

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