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LMG52 05-13-2022 01:32 PM

Replacing drive shaft gear
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Hi all, Iím knew yo this site and would appreciate any advice. The slide hook drive shaft is wonít disengage from the hook drive gear in spite of the set screws being loosened, removed along with the retaining ring. What am I missing?
Iíve included a picture just in case.
Attachment 639355
thanks in advance,

LMG52 05-13-2022 02:06 PM

Whoops, the machine is a Singer model # 6235.

JoeJr 05-15-2022 10:04 AM

I would think to get that gear off you would have to remove the belt, at the right in your picture, and slide the shaft from left right which hopefully would let that gear at the left end drop out. All the gears likely have two set screws; you mentioned removing a screw on the left end gear, look for another if you removed only one.

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