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Default Sewing Machine Spreadsheet

I'm working on a sewing machine spreadsheet so I can keep track of all the little details of each machine. I'll share a blank copy of the spreadsheet if there's any interest.

Here's what I have so far.
- Brand (as printed on the machine)
- serial number
- model number
- purchase price
- Production Date
- Manufacturer
- Cabinet type (treadle or electric)
- Condition

Is there anything else you would like to see on this? Please comment below.

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Favored brand of needles, threads? Any quirks? Mechanical problems? Date purchased, price? Need oiling and what brand or weight of oil?

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not have any vintage machines. I prefer brand new ones.

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I also include date of purchase and who (name and city/state/country of seller) I purchased it from. Initial repairs/parts to get the machine in working order are also tracked by the machine's serial number on my spreadsheet.
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Some other things you may want to include:
If takes a flat shank needle which side is the flat side one?
Does it take a unique needle? e.g. 20x1, CC1221, 206x13
Is it a flat shank or round shank needle?
Is it a low shank, high shank, extra high shank, slant shank or top mount or other?
The belt size - for electric machines. (This may may also include some cleated belts - one would also need number of cleats)
What does this machine need to get in working condition?
What accessories could be added that are wanted? e.g. cams, straight needle plate, additional feet.

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I would love to have a copy of your spreadsheet, and I think Janey has some good suggestions, I have quite a number of vintage machines.
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I have a spreadsheet for my machines, but it's more of a maintenance spreadsheet listing what was done, who did it (me or the OSMG) and other details. I only have 6 machines I use regularly and they aren't particularly picky about threads and things so I can usually remember those details.
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Country of origin is fun.

My last count was 38 brands or badges.
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Thanks for all the input everyone! I'll modify the spreadsheet and give you a screenshot when I'm done.

While I do not have any experience with newer electric machines, a lot of the input can apply to treadles or those changed to electric.

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I made a sheet for my Singer 301's (I currently have seven) so I could remember where I got them and how much. Detail on their color, decals, long or short bed and one or two cords.
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I also want to have a bit of information on the machine itself. Such as the condition of any decals or defects on the machine noticeable to the naked eye. I want to know if the paint is damaged or any noticeable bumps of bangs.
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