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Looks as though you'll need a bobbin tire too, for the bobbin winder.
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Originally Posted by JoeJr View Post
I'm guessing you want it to look something like the one in the picture. You will need two things: 1. a spoked hand wheel, 2. a hand crank. You will want to decide if you want to try to get original Singer parts or if after market parts are acceptable.

The one in the picture has an original Singer spoked hand wheel; I think there are a several different spoked hand wheels though, and I do not know which is which. This one also has an after market hand crank, as an original Singer hand crank would be expensive but not so easy to find, and there may be different Singer hand cranks as well.

The second picture is a Singer 15-90 made into a hand crank with both the aftermarket wheel and crank, from Central Michigan Sewing Supplies. You can probably find them other places as well. The parts fit right on, although I used a very fine grit sandpaper (220) on the inside of the wheel hub before sliding it on, to smooth it out; the first time I tried one of these aftermarket wheels I did not do that and it didn't turn so well. Sanding was followed by wiping it out with a cloth then oil.

I sold the pictured Red Eye yesterday to a nice young lady who sews ball gowns and period costumes and wanted to move away from plastic machines; she bought 5 other machines also and is not officially a vintage sewing machine collector.
Thanks for the tip. I have purchased parts from Central Michigan store for my 15-30 (attached). I hope my model 66 will look as gorgeous as those you posted. (I also have a 15-91) Both these machines came with their own table. The 66 does not. I am hoping my brother will build me a base. I'll post updates.
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Originally Posted by leonf View Post
Welcome aboard flip flop gardening. When you take off the disc balance ( hand) wheel) you will find this lobed washer under the stop motion ( or clutch) knob. make sure you keep track of which way it goes one. the way the two center prongs hit the main shaft. If you get it upside down , it can drive you crazy. example below
Thank you for this. I have already driven myself crazy with this, twice. I also gave myself a mini heart attack when I disassembled the bobbin winder on my 15-30.
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So pretty!
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