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Thread: The FWS Pony Club Quilt-Along Wk 37 Railroad Crossing, Homeward Bound Discussion Page

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    Super Member dublb's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Brady TX
    OH Jan, I love your house. It's so welcomin'! We don't have very much snow, so when it comes we all feel like kids. I do have a problem w/the school district. They will go ahead a keep school open & have our most inexperienced drivers (ie 16 ta 18 yr olds) be on the road, not ta mention bus drivers who have no idea how ta drive in snow, drivin' our precious kids ta school on icy roads. Most o' the time if they just do a delay it would great, & the roads would be clear. OK off of my soap box.
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    Our kids hated snow days. Unlike their nonfarm friends, they had to bundle up and help Dad with chores as snow equals more work. All in all it just made them better adults and spending time with Dad is priceless. But then after I got my outside chores done, there would be a bigger meal to fix and snit gracing the back porch to be cleaned up.
    Don't worry spider.
    I keep house
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    Super Member JeanieG's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Camarillo, CA
    Your house is beautiful in all that snow Jan. Now, what is happening with your new toy??? We want updates on your quilting. A photo of you with your toy would be grand!!!
    "You have enough quilts made when your soul is filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won't work anymore."

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    Super Member mirabelle's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Queensland Australia
    JanRN your home is beautiful, thank you for the snow. Our winters are very mild here in the tropics about three weeks of winter clothes and then it is back to shorts and tees. In summer it is very hot and very humid, thank goodness for airconditioners.
    Our cyclones are just like your hurricanes, Cyclone Yasi which hit us last year was 100 miles wide with winds up to 150 miles per hour, we were only 30 miles from where the eye of the storm hit. Businesses and homes in town are still getting repaired.

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    Power Poster QuiltE's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    What a good read this morning! .... my first time to this thread!

    I smiled ....

    MiraB's three weeks of winter clothes per year ... for some reason, I doubt it's "winter" clothing, at all!! (all in perspective, right MiraB?) So you want to see and experience SNOW ... then come on over to Canada and the USA this winter and we'll show you SNOW!!!!!!! ... and you can find out what winter clothes are really like!!

    OKSGlad's comments about JanRN's past DSM quilting ... I read as DearSewingMachine! ... oh how our brains get trained!

    JanRN's winter photo of her home ... beautiful and just like a Christmas card. Maybe you should get some made?

    And without a doubt about JanRN's S16 ... that's a big yahoooooooooooooooey!
    I really don't think I could have waited for the men-folk to get around to help setting it up!!!!
    Heaven forbid ... the box that will never be opened ... has been opened!!!!!!!! ... want to bet, Ladies, that JanRN will turn those into a beautiful result!

    Honchey have you got those google maps put together and ready to drive on over to help JanRN play? And now we know your weakness to marshmallows! I think the Jumbos would be a much more worthwhile snack than the minis ... they always seem tough, so go for the cloud of heavenly taste instead! Make it worthwhile. Now that'd be one big poofy sweet potato casserole!

    As always QNSue's stories bring smiles ... the young filly in particular! And oh how those ducks have been saved. Now we all have to wait for spring hatchings! And that cake ... OMG must be absolute heaven!!
    Belated birthday greetings to you, indeed ... remember you are only as old as you act ... so me-thinks you are much younger than the calendar claims!!! Hope you celebrated in a special way, and perhaps with another big delectable cake!

    OKSGlad ... ITA with your kids! Snow days really were NOT fun for us on the farm. Always work to do, and it only doubled up the work.

    Snow stories ... After my husband and I left the family farm and were off on our own, our farm had a 1/2 mile laneway, and when it snowed, we'd be blocked in .... though on a farm, you HAVE to keep it open. Milk truck comes every 2nd day, cattle breeder has to come, oil for the house, maybe the vet, feed trucks, etc. In wicked weather, this laneway would sometimes require us to blow them in ... and back out again! It was quite the ordeal! The neighbour below us had the long laneway. We both always said we looked forward to those snow days and after Christmas started to stockpile for January's worse, and had craft/sewing ready plus I would make bread and do other baking ....... in between shoveling the snow at the door and barn chores! Thankfully on the farm, there's minimal shovelling, and most is machine handled! And now ... I let a neighbour farmer clear my lane and that just leaves a little for me!!!

    I think of all the times I fought my way thru dangerous conditions to get to work and home. One winter there were several storms that had us storm-stayed at work, overnight. Or I'd only get part way home and stayed with friends.

    And now, I'm the other way ... if I can avoid it, I do!!!
    Now, I use the snow for every excuse I can to stay home and ........... yup, sew!
    Good deal, if you ask me!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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