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Thread: Be careful out there!!

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    Jul 2010
    Jeffersonville, In
    Thank you for making that call. My children make their living by driving and I appreciate people like you helping get them home safe.

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    Sep 2010
    Live Oak, Texas
    I think you did a wonderful thing. Thank God for people like you. You may have saved a life.

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    Dec 2009
    Good for you reporting her and staying with her until the police came. The roads would be a lot safer if more people would do what you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
    Great that you got her stopped! I was wondering how the police treat someone using their cell phone to call in an emergency? I know you are not supposed to use it while the car is in motion but you HAD to keep reporting her position.
    I guess that would be a situation if it were illegal where you live. Here, there is no law prohibiting use of cell phones while driving. It comes up in the legislature every year, but goes no where.

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    I would think using your cell in this instance would be ok!! After all, you were reporting a potential wreck or someone getting killed. Now if you were "texting', that might be different. I can't drive and text too so have no idea how people do it! I can get in enough trouble just talking to a passenger in the car!

    Oh, I hate when 2 racers get on the road. That is so very dangerous! I also don't understand the fast weaving in and our of traffic unless you have your flashers on and it's an emergency.

    Yes, be Careful out there. Holidays seem to be the worse!

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    Pacific Northwest
    I am so glad you are safe. The highway out here we take to Bend, Or. Is full of idiot drivers! It could be a snowstorm with less than a 1/4 mile visibility and they will drive like a bat out of hell. We have called 911 several times on drivers on that highway.

    Our first winter here some nut job was speeding to get past a semi when the lanes merged into one. He started going sideways, the semi started going sideways and we drove off into a snowbank. All were fine, the semi honked and drove on, we dug ourselves out of the snow. And the idiot who caused it all, expected us to help him get out......we drove off and left him and his truck knee deep in snow on the side of the road. We later discovered our truck sustained around $300.00 of damage to the front end.
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    It is not illegal to talk on the phone here - it is illegal to text and drive. The 911 operator was wonderful! I really think the woman was under the influence of something. She was really "relaxed" looking, leaning over with one hand draped over the top of the steering wheel - not a care in the world as her car went in and out of lanes as well as into the raised median and on the shoulder (thankfully, this area of the road has a paved shoulder as wide as a regular lane). Several times we thought that she was going to hit someone but avoided the accident at the last second. She was stopped at the light when the officer made the u-turn in front of me to get behind her. I think she just panicked when she saw the officer that pulled in and when she hit the guy in front of her, panicked and hit reverse. You would have had to see it to believe it - totally out of it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
    I guess that would be a situation if it were illegal where you live. Here, there is no law prohibiting use of cell phones while driving. It comes up in the legislature every year, but goes no where.
    Debbie in Kentucky

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    You certainly did the right thing and you probably saved other peoples lives who knows what she would have done if she had gone further. I have called the police before with 3 guys on motorcycles driving over 120 on the highway going in and out of traffic cutting cars off, it was horrible. Thankfully the cops got them stopped.

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    Maidstone, Ont. Canada
    You did a very real service to all the other drivers on the road. Too many people get away with DUI. Thank you for taking the time to follow this person and alerting the law.

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    Timmins, Ont. Canada
    Kudos to you - you absolutely did the right thing !!
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