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Thread: Cathy's First Birthday at "Home"

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    Anyway, I made her cauliflower soup...HA! I loved it & so did my family. Thank you Cathy!


    Yeap "she"( I had to do all the major work! HA HA HA HAHA!!) made it several times and each time it came out great! There is just something about CHEESE!!! HA HA!!!

    That is one thing thing that I am not sure I want to have again. Along with the "chili" she made. She never really taught me how to make it! There is a specific amount of things and it is cooked for only so long and all that. Another one that she "took" with her. Ah heck maybe someday when we meet again I hope she has pot of it waiting by that ol' campfire.

    Now there is a comforting thought! He he!

    I did find a "support group" on-line and it is a great place! Most everyone is allowed to type what they want, sometimes it gets heated, but for the most part they say; "everyone there 'GET'S IT'!" Those that do not are referred to as DGI's. Doesn't Get It or Don't Get It. Gotta' love that logic!!! HA HA HA!!!!

    I have even met with another local gal from that web-site and we have set up a monthly "dinner" for us "wid's" here in town, she is kind of running point on it though. She loves doing these!
    They are referred to as a Bago(bay-go). It started out with a person or two saying that they wanted to get a WINNEBAGO and go around and visit all of the "widdas" on the site. It was then mentioned, it would then turn in to a "widow-bago!" So the name has since stuck; HARD AND FAST!!! But most just shortened it to bago for ease of typing I think. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! They can be a funny group! Of course I do my part when possible!

    We did this because outside of going to a counselor there is NOTHING HERE locally for younger folks who are in this boat! We said NO MORE! She is 48 I think?She lost her husband to a woman who was drunk and driving, head on collision, both were killed instantly at the accident site. I turned 38 second of Sept. And well you know what happened to "us".

    This is not a "normal" thing to be without a spouse this young. So there is not much being done to recognise it! We said It is time! If this keeps one person off of a drug and helps them "plow through" that is perfect and will be well worth the effort.

    Nothing too fancy really just a time when we can get together and have some fun, and if someone has something to share then that is perfectly fine. And that also includes tears! But it is not meant to be a "therapy group" just a "social gathering" that is meant to be fun, and give folks a reason to get out of the house and LIVE! And most importantly: H O P E ! ! ! For the future that there is a life after the loss of a spouse, and maybe, another love.

    Hey it has happened all over on the web-site I know of five or six right now who have connected with each other through there! HA HA HA!!!! If you think about it for a second it makes sense!

    So if you happen to know anyone in the Omaha region who might like to know about this meeting, then have them give me a holler! Facebook is probably the fastest way to find me though!

    Here is contact info Arron Smith, and you can find me in the Omaha network! I should be only one in the Omaha network especially with two R's!!! HA HA!! Oh and if this why they are looking for me, have them put something in about being a "wid" that way I know to take it seriously.

    Our first dinner was great! Ten people! Five men five women! Oh and one Boy! Couldn't find a b-sitter for Adrian. HA HA!!! We have great hopes for this group being a good thing for folks.

    I have sent a few of them over to this site when the subject of a memory quilt comes up. Or anything having to with sewing in general.

    All a' ya' be careful out there! Arron

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    may God bless u and ur family...so sorry for ur loss..

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