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Thread: Childhood Memories Please!!

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    Childhood Memories Please!!

    I love to hear people talk about how they played and what they did when they were kids. It is so much fun to remember these stories and share them.

    so please share your memories with us!!

    I am an only child and I remember playing on my grandparents farm with my cousin. Jim is 6 yrs younger than me and we used to walk the timber and wade in the little stream above their house. it was so clear you could see the pebbles on the bottom.
    we used to slide down the hill or roll down the hill as they had a deep ditch in front of their house.
    At my grandparent's Jim and I played in the chicken house. the floor was a combination of sand and straw and was perfect for making roads for his tractors and dump trucks.
    I remember using the old outhouse too! and Grandma had a pump by the driveway that everyone used the cup left hanging on the pump for drinks.

    Lots of fun memories!!

    Okay your turn!! Would love to hear some of your childhood memories!!

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    Super Member alleyoop1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    I grew up in a smallish city and played outside most of the summer with neighborhood kids. We liked to play cowboys and indians, hide and seek and a game called war. We also roller skated on the street. Stayed out till the street lights came on.

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    I remember picking raspberries at Grandmom's farm and the cows walking all over. Electric wire across driveway so cows in front yard. Canning peaches and getting all sticky. But we lived in a very small town. Mom sent me to the store at 5 yrs old. Kids were in school and I was walking to store. Had to take a short cut behind the high school and down the alley. The auto shop teacher was outside with his students. I was scared to death. Our housing development was basically a circle. When I was older I could ride my bicycle all the way around with no hands. Never wrecked either.
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    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Until I was 12 we lived outside of town in the country. We had 3 huge fields to play in and all the kids in the area about 25 or so played hide and seek in the fields of tall weeds all summer long until dark. There was an old barn close by and we used to sit on the back stairs and tell each other scary stories. I was allowed to ride my bike in a 4 square mile area because there was very little traffic.
    When I was 10 I tried to ride my bike to Golden. At that time there was lots of open space between towns. A state patrolman stopped me and my dog and took us home in his patrol car because he thought I was a runaway. My mom was very upset with me because I hadn't asked permission before hand.

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    we grew up in a very rural area. it was very safe. we played all over the area all day. the firehouse whistle blew every day at noon so we knew when to come home for lunch
    Nancy in western NY
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    I lived on Venus beach in California until 9 yrs old. It was very different than the weirdo place it now is.
    Used to walk to the pier in the next town ( Ocean Park I think it was called.) since the Venus pier was burned down yrs before but never cleaned up.
    It was fashioned after Venus Italy and even had canals build but it was not a success so was left to get rundown.
    All this was quite an adventure for a kid back in the 40's.

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    I grew up in a small town in NE Montana. We kids did things together in herds. We would make PBJ sands and a quart jar of grape koolaid,hop on our bikes and go all over,wading in the lake,swimming ing the pool,just hanging out. We all had to do chores each morning before we could go...I spent an inordinate amount of time weeding the garden.IMHO! Oh ,I would put a blanket in my wagon and lay down initwatching the clouds.
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    Central Florida
    I grew up in a city of 135K to 150K people and, yet, in many respects, it was like a small town since everyone in your neighborhood knew you. If we did anything, we told our parents before someone else could (and they would). We played outside 'til after dark. During the day we roamed not just our neighborhood, but all over the city. The skating rink owned a couple of busses that travelled the same routes on weekends picking up patrons and then returning them for free! I never would have been able to go every week otherwise. One family, in the winter flooded their back yard for the kids to ice skate. They put up lights and played music. It was great, until someone fell and broke an arm and her parents sued. That was my first lesson in the facts of life of someone ruining a good thing for everyone else. But basically, it was a good place to grow up.
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    I remember having a wooden cradle that my grandmother had made for me. For my 5th birthday all I wanted was the doll that you fed and had to actually change the diapers. I was so thrilled to get it along with a whole wardrobe of clothes my grandmother made. The baby slept right along my bed. A few days after my birthday we had a house fire and lost everything. I remember the smell going back. The cradle was charred and the doll melted in it. Luckily my brother woke up and smelled smoke and we all got out of the house. A few days later while cleaning up an older lady with white hair wearing a white sweater showed up and dropped of a few items she thought my family could use. In the bag was another doll and handmade baby clothes. To this day I swear that lady was an angel!

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    I grew up in an area that was changing from farmland to suburb. During the hot summer months, we would run after the ice truck until it stopped so we could pick up slivers of ice from the back to cool off with. My mother would buy a block of ice and place it in a large bowl in front of a fan to cool the air in the living room.

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