They came to our house last summer. Nobody ever comes to our house. I was getting ready to get in the pool. Well, I wasn't exactly wearing a bathing suit that I'd wear in public... if you know what I mean? It was a string bikini that was about 3 sizes too small!! I was literally crouching behind a retaining wall separating me from the driveway! I was shouting at her: "We don't eat meat!" and she was arguing with me about it, asking if I ate pork or fish or beef?! And her prices were "so low" that I could buy it for my guests!!
Seriously, my family hasn't eaten any meat in years! I don't believe in factory farming and slaughter houses, so I'm not going to buy meat off the truck!!! She was NOT taking the hint! I finally let the dogs out and she went away quick. Perhaps I should have let her see me in my tanning get-up and she would have screamed and drove off!!