Thanks! Yeah.... I probably need a new one LOL ;)

Actually, I will probably see about getting this one fixed and maybe another one that is 'fancier' to learn to FMQ on.

Hubby is on board with whatever I decide, :shock: which is nice, since he is footing the bill either way!
I have a few suggestions and comments...first I don't think any machine comes with FMQ "on it" it is the person behind the ;)

I have just been down this road and have found a lot of advise about most brands by doing a search on this board and the internet for the ones I was considering.

What I have learned that I thought was helpful and interesting is that almost all machine brands are made in China now. The exception being Janome and Brother/Babylock are made in Japan. Now there could be variations that others know about and will share.

I was just at the fair and a couple stores to try out the machines. I liked both the Janome and Brother/babylock. I must say that with either of these brands it took some work to adjust the settings to get the FMQ to work pretty well - and it didn't ever get "perfect". That was with the help of the sales I think that feature is to be improved upon.

What I did find worked pretty well was the instructions from Leah Day's blog about leaving the feeddogs engaged can find her easily on the web.

That is my rant on machines... hope it helped a little.