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Thread: Help for a broken toe

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    Oct 2010
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    Has any one out there broke a little toe? Overnight, I missed a step going downstairs, it was kind of dark, and I jammed it against the wood railing. Today, it's turning black and it's bent a little. My husband remembers when he broke his toe, and he said the doctors can't do any thing for that. He thought it would be better in a week, I can wait that out, but I love walking, and will miss that. You have helped me in so many ways before, any advice or shared experience would be greatly appreciated. I ice it, but don't want to stay off of it for long.

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    Apr 2010
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    You need to tape your little toe to the toe next to it...I don't know how long to keep it that way. Ice it and keep it elevated whenever possible.

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    Jul 2011
    Farmington Minnesota
    I dropped a 2 x 12 wooden car ramp on my foot and broke my big toe and the 2 next to it......that was Mother's Day weekend and my big toe is still not right and the two little ones are weak......Good luck.

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    Just have to wait it out. I've broken my little toe before and it is painful but just have to wait it out. Keep your foot up as much as possible. Your hubby was right.

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    Apr 2011
    Bosque County, Texas
    Drs don't put little toes in casts, but if you don't have the broken bones aligned properly and taped and supported corrected then it will never feel the same again in your life. You will feel the "incorrect" little toe everytime you put on a shoe that touches the toe. It takes about 6 weeks for bones to knit back together from an average break. More if you don't take special consideration and care of the break.

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    It might be dislocated.

    When I broke my toe, after it was x-rayed, the doctor pulled/jerked/snapped it back into place.

    Then it was taped in place, and I was given a special sandal. (Wish I could another one - it was comfy!)

    Still took a while for it to feel better, but it would have been a lot worse leaving it dislocated.

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    Oct 2008
    chicago, IL
    Once you tape it to another toe, it will not hurt quite as much...for some reason, when it is stabilized some of the pain lessens.

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    Oct 2009
    Go to dr. have it x-rayed and get a shoe... I broke my pinky toe...in the dark ... kicked the laundry hamper that had books in it.. wore the shoe for about 4 weeks... no problem...

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    Oct 2010
    North Carolina
    I broke my little toe on June 11. I couldn't buddy tape it. Every time I tried I would be in excrutiating pain all day long. I wore slip on tennis shoes and limped to keep my foot straight and not bend the toe in any way. It was about 4 - 5 weeks before I could walk normally. A few weeks in I started this thread: http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-134351-1.htm I was feeling like I would never stop hurting and wanted to hear from others to make sure my experience was "normal" under the circumstances. It was.

    My toe is still swollen and tender and I can't move it much. I only have 3 pair of shoes that I can wear comfortably. Unfortunately, it just takes time, but it does get better.

    If your toe is bent abnormally, you may want to see a doctor. They can't cast it, but they may have to adjust your toe so that it will heal correctly. Good luck... and believe me when I say I feel your pain!

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    Jan 2011
    Cypress, Texas
    Yep, dropped a big glass jar of mayo. Little toe and that side of foot turned 20 shades of purple and hurt like you know what. Went to doc next morning for x-rays. Seriously, he said the only thing to do would be a reduction....a what?....remove the toe. I opted for second option and like he promised it was a slow process for healing. It took several weeks of soaking in ice water 3x a day and keeping the foot, from ankle down, wrapped in ace bandage before I could wear more than thongs on that foot. Little toe never regained complete feeling and it turns inward (hard to paint). That was worse than my fractured ankle 20 years later. Hope yours heals much quicker!!

    P.S. I don't why feet problems are so dang difficult and long to heal!!

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