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Thread: Are Mac computers/laptops worth the higher cost?

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    I love my Mac, would never go back to a PC. Most software now have Mac versions and I have rarely found something I wanted to buy that did not work on my Mac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rylandon3 View Post
    We have a mac...no viruses, but it has its limits or maybe someone can help me out??? I'm not able to install the adobe flash player, therefore, there are many videos that I can not view. It seems that is becoming more of an issue. Many youtube videos even need the flash player. Any ideas out there for me? Thanks
    Check out this article:

    Sometimes there are videos I can't watch in Safari (popular Mac web browser) but they always work in Firefox. Doesn't happen often enough to bother me, though.
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    Willferg, I think I followed all the instructions and it still didn't work for me...very frustrating...thanks for your input!

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    I just got a new computer with Windows 8. I really wanted to get a Mac because I was having so many problems with Windows but my favorite word processor has always been WordPerfect and I have zillions of files in it. It's way too much trouble to get a Mac to bring them up. I first have to convert each file to Word and then it can be opened in a Mac. I'm still not thrilled with Windows but I just started using the new version and I have to take it back to the store to get a few issues handled.

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    I have always had a PC, so I can't speak for Mac, but it seems that if you are a Mac fan boy, you usually stay with it. But I don't know anyone who owns a Mac that had previously owned a PC. I am working now on a five year old PC, we usually keep them about 5 to 6 years, but this one will likely stay around much longer. We did once get a virus, but that was my teen son downloading 'free music' and when we took it to get it fixed the first thing the guy said was, 'does anyone download limewire?' That was on the last computer. The fact that they update doesn't bother me, it means they are constantly improving the software.
    With a kid in the house, the choice was determined for us by the ability to play games and my husband wanted good sound, and the fact that we can upgrade our video card, audio card and memory. And my husband is not versed in how to do this, but he was able to figure out easily. So a big advantage was the ability to give ourselves a better computer without investing in a whole new system.
    OK, I'll say it, I love my PC.

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    I agree on the Mac. My son is a computer guru who has to keep 400 computers happy. He recently returned to a Mac at home and is happy to be back.

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    I used to own only PCs, but I've converted to MACs. Love them and won't go back!
    Mary Ann

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    I love my Mac! I ran a Mac Network in the '90's and then had to "move over" to PCs. I finally retired and last time I replaced my 'puter, I went home to Mac. Been doing the happy dance ever since.
    DH has a PC laptop and has to spend $100 about every 6 months to get it cleaned up. Knock wood, I watch him do it! My MacBook Pro has freed up that money for more fabric I guess!
    My DIL does "SAP FI and SD data migration" and is in high demand around the world for lots of big corporations and SHE uses a MAC!!! Based on that girl alone, i would get a Mac.
    Also, I live in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, you have to travel about an hour and a half at the very least to get into major civilizations. My Mac fits in great here. There's a reason that lots of Mac repair places really aren't needed.
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    Thank you for all the input.

    A couple more questions -

    When I read the info on Consumer Reports - it says that the 'other' computers have more memory - does that affect/afflict how Macs operate as compared to PCs?

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    I have had PC's for years. Now I have a MAC. I love it. SOmeone said they can't download embroidery designs for their Janome machine on their Mac. I do it all the time. Not sure I would ever go back to a PC. I had questions and my Mac was acting a little bit funny. You can take your Mac to the genius bar for free at a MAc store for this. Yes some of the programs don't come in a Mac version. You can partition your computer and install Windows if you want. The software to do this comes on a Mac(at least on moine). Not a clue how to do it.

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