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Thread: My town is so small....

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    Colfax, LA
    Quote Originally Posted by Scissor Queen
    Quote Originally Posted by Daisy144
    once my aunt sent my sister a birthday card but it only had her name on the envelope - my sister received the card with no trouble.
    I got a letter like that once. It just had my first name and the town name.
    Yep! That's our town, too. I learned the post office must sort mail by first name when another "Millie" moved into town. I got much of her mail for a while. I usually got to read her magazines first before putting them back in our mailbox the next day with a note that said "Wrong Millie," and her correct address was on all the misdelivered mail. Then a man whose 1st name was Houston moved to town. Our last name is Houston. We got some of his mail at first, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa_wanna_b_quilter
    The town I'm in now is like your town 15 miles away. I grew up in a town like you live in.

    Where I grew up.......

    No schools. Everyone from K up rode the bus 15 miles.

    1 police officer -- His rule about underage driving was as long as you don't do anything stupid, he won't notice.

    Closest gas station or grocery store was 15 miles away

    One soda machine in town at the grain elevator.
    and the soda was always out.......we had a post office that was it. M-F it was open from 9-3. was only opened on Sat. for 15 minutes 11:45- 12. Gas staion was only open from 9-5 no weekends.

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    Eden, Utah; originally NY
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    I live in a little tiny town called Eden, in a valley so beautiful that if God had seen this first, he wouldn't have bothered with "the Garden of...."!

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    Ohio... wanna build a cabin in the woods and live off the land... and quilt all day!
    I am so sick of the "city" even tho mine isn't a large/huge city... I would sooo love to live in a small town where everyone knew everyone else, and I could build my log cabin, live off the land, and quilt all day... ahhhhhh :)

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    There was a town near where I used to live where the sign said population 2.

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    Spring Lake, NJ
    our town is 2 miles long and 5 1/2 blocks wide.....

    no traffic lights but lots of stop signs.

    We have a 5 mile run each years that winds in and out of streets to make the five mie journey......

    but we do have two full miles of beautiful boardwalk & beaches, and we love it........

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    Up until about 10 yrs ago, we were paying taxes on a hospital for years that didn't exist!

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