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Thread: Pets Food, I was told this last night and I would like your opinion

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    Senior Member Quiltaddiction's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    I have a beagle who has pancreatitis so I have to watch his diet I also have a cat that had benign tumours in her thyroid which sped up her metabolism she would cry frantically for food 24/7 so I got her checked out. After a course of radioactive therapy the tumours where gone and she was back to her old self with no harm to her. It was expensive but they are my fur babies I also have a border collie who has skin allergies and in spring he suffers. Our vet told us to put him on human analgesics which help a bit. Do get your little one checked by the vet just for your own peace of mind.
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    I was always told a long time ago some of the cheap brands don't have all the nutiants in them to stick with the more well known brands. i would make sure nothing health wise is wrong but remember it is getting toward the winter months and animals and most humans will want to eat more than in the hot summer months.

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    Super Member janedee's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    canterbury uk
    I can understand your concerns - I too have a terrier she is now on Burns Chicken and Brown Rice and her behaviour and appetite is so much better - alot of other dry foods have alot of sugar and salt in them which will make the dog want more since Millie has been on the new food she is satisfied and doesn't demand more - Burns recipe was made by a vet and has no additives it is a bit pricey but worth every penny

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    Super Member QultingaddictUK's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    North Wales UK
    I hope I am not being too optimistic too early but Muffin has now been on her new food for 3 days now and seems to be happy on it. I chose this brand for her http://www.butcherspetcare.co.uk/choice/faqs/index.html and chose the fresh chicken one which states it has a minimum of meat content of 45% and is made with fresh chicken. No artificial additives or preservatives but has added vitamins. Muffin likes it and I am happier paying more but giving her a higher quality food. Will let you know how she gets on.

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    Senior Member mary705's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Pinellas Park, FL
    Who Hoo! I just put my $40,000 education to use! I just finished my schooling for an Associates Degree in Registered Veterinary Technology and am currently doing a 3 month externship at one of the best vet clinics in my city! This counsultation is on the house!!![/QUOTE]

    Congrats to you! And yep, go to the vet.

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    Junior Member brendaln's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Hemet, CA
    I have a Shih-tzu that started the drinking to much water and obsessed with food. After many costly tests etc they concluded that he has "Cushings Disease". Had him on a very expensive medicine for a few months and it only helped some so I stopped them. Now he is better but never will be "normal". We will just love him as much as we can for as long as we can. He isn't in any pain or real discomfort. Then he had what we thought was a stroke but the vet called it "Old Dog Vestubular" (google it). Which says he has some kind of tumor in the inner ear or brain. His little head tilts to the side now but he is doing pretty good. My point is it may not be the food at all so I would recommend taking her to a vet. Get your pocketbook out though as they are not cheap. But if you can extend her life and she is happy it is worth it.

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    Jan 2011
    I agree with a ver visit too or at least call and see if they recommend a vist. Oh what am I thinking, of course they will LOL. But seriously I think I would make an appointment, take a stool sample with you. And maybe a list of what she has eaten in past 24 hours and amounts. Hope it is nothing serious. Oh, did you change brands of food and this started?

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    Super Member Caswews's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
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    We use 2 brands for our furbaby-Halo and Canyon both are a little pricey, but at least her tummy is doing good and she is healthy (as compared to when we had to take her to the vet with a 500.00 bill for her umm potty bleeding problem right after we got her). The vet at the emergency vet hospital recommended Brie have noodles, boiled chicken, boiled beef or turkey, rice, peas and carrots for 2 weeks to clean her tummy problems up. So we did- I searched the internet for the right dog food. Another good one is Blue Buffalo, read the first 5 ingridents to see if any corn/meat by products are anywhere in the food.
    On Saturdays if we are having spaghetti- she gets noodles .. and she knows the smell of noodles !LOL too funny .. If You decide to make your own dog food-please read online or ask your vet about garlic & onions, and certain other products that dogs are not supposed to eat. For your furbaby's sake
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    Super Member quiltsRfun's Avatar
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    I agree with those who suggest taking her to the vet, especially since this has been going on for some time. Our beagle had thyroid problems and Cushings disease. Both made her ravenously hungry. Even if the vet finds no problems a good checkup seems in order.

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    Super Member damaquilts's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Barnesville GA
    I would say yes to the vet first.. However I wouldn't say hogwash to other things quite so fast. I see you are in the UK but here there is a website that tests food. its called dogfoodadvisor.. It gives unbiased reviews on the food and keeps track of recalls.
    You may be surprised at the foods that don't rate as high as you would think. Some excellent foods were sold out to big companies and the quality went way down.

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