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Thread: rv ing

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    rv ing

    My family are campers Our first one was on the back of pickup in 1966 took all 6 of us to colorado. since then we have had several class a my husband could set it up and drive anywhere. we allways said we would be happy with an overhead camper.on apickup where you could use the truck all the time. my husband passed away two years ago .I still have a class a. and nine family members traveled to N.J. and Pa. My son has a 5th wheel we were gone two weeks. I have wonderfull memories. we were married 59 years.

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    Many years ago I was an avid camper. Camped in tents, pop-ups and truck campers. Never had a pull along trailer, 5th wheel or motor home. Now my husband and I "camp" in hotels instead. He prefers it that way, but I still miss the campfires.
    Sorry about your husband. You had a wonderfully long marriage. Congratulations on that. Enjoy your family and your camping. They both keep you young. God loves you and God bless you!

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    Fresno, CA
    My 1st husband and I raised our kids camping in rv's. After the divorce I really missed camping. I remarried and after several yrs approached my husband about getting a trailer. We now own a truck and 5th wheel. We've taken it out a few times. He's very new to this "world" and since my ex did all the set ups so am I. We are thinking about storing it at Pismo Coast Village (cheaper than storing it in the town we live in). For a fee they will set it up before we get there and put it back when we leave. The only draw back is that that is the only place we would be going BUT we both work full-time and he travels 4 days out of 7 so we don't really get to go that many different places right now anyway. We are looking to upgrade the truck and 5th wheel just before we retire so we can do some traveling with them. Diannia
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    Camping is not for me.
    Another Phyllis
    This life is the only one you get - enjoy it before you lose it.

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    Columbus, OH
    I have a lot of good memories about camping too. When the kids were little (are now 50+) we had a canvas tent and went on short trips in the summer. Got rained out a couple of tiimes, animals on the camp site, etc. Sometimes when we didn't take the tent out of the car trunk for awhile and every time I'd get in the car and smell that canvas, the yearning to go back to the woods would return! Loved cooking over the campfire, s'mores, meals in foil, etc. Lots of fun!!

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    We were tent campers when the children were little. When the DD was in college, her sorority and friends floated the Buffalo River...the girls wanted to know where to plug in the curling irons. She felt experienced in camping at that point. Later, had an RV. The really good memories were of good times and adversities even became precious. All three of my children love the outdoors as a result of early camping. None of them rough it however. One tournament fishes and stays in motels or RVs. The oldest son hunts and stays at the duck club. DD visits and photographs wildlife and scenery. DH and I drove an RV from central AR to Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco, up the coastal highway all the way to Washington state and loved it. DH now gone but have beautiful memories of our times on the road. A good way to get out of the city is to do as you are planning. Our home resort would rent space for the RV and even stage it in a parking space at the resort for those who chose that method. We belonged to Coast to Coast and found their accommodations from middle America all the way West clean and affordable. Hope you enjoy your travel vehicle for many years.

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    Puget Sound WA area
    I remember the day I became a "camper". My husband and I were newlyweds, just out of college, and moved "home" to his Puget Sound, WA. He said don't worry - he took care of everything - so we left on a Friday night and drove to the mountains. I mean way out to the mountains - where to paved roads turned to gravel and it was pitch black outside. Somehow we finally got to our destination and he pitched the tent while I got us some PB&J sandwiches to eat before climbing into our sleeping bags. It was so cold that night and I heard some pretty wild sounds. Woke up and had to use the bathroom - dear hubby laughed and informed me we'd look for the vault toilets in the morning. I was not enjoying myself and bit my tonge trying not to complain.

    But then morning came....I could smell bacon and coffee....I unzipped the tent and had to catch my breath - I had never seen ANYTHING so beautiful - the sun shining on the side of the mountains lighting up a waterfall in the distance - the deepest bluest sky I had ever seen - the trees were the greenest green I had ever seen (not to mention the tallest!). The birds were singing so sweetly - I really thought this is what heaven must be like. And all weekend every turn I took I just couldn't believe the beauty.

    I asked my husband to compromise, and for the first 5-6 years of our marriage we tent camped throughout WA, OR, ID, MT (only requirements - flush toilets and blow-up mattress). Year 7 or so we "upgraded" to a Coleman tent trailer but still did our cooking over the fire (there's just something about a dutch oven and percolated coffee that is unmatched!). Then about 6 years ago we upgraded again to a travel trailer. I sorta miss the places you can go with a tent that we're unable to go in a trailer. And wish the kids had the tent experience, too. But I'm too spoiled to ever go back - fridge, oven, microwave, flush toilet & shower, bunks for the kids - even a sleep number bed for me & DH! The kids love to hear our stories about roughing it in the wild. When we retire we'll probably upgrade to an RV and travel from coast to coast. Glad I was a naive newlywed and let myself try camping - I've been a camper ever since!
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    We have been campers, fishing, hunting, site seeing what ever our heart liked at the time, like you started way back in the 50's. Station wagons to pick campers, type A motor homes now have a 44' 5th wheel. most summer the husband and I spend months in it. This year we haven't gone out yet due to husband's health but hope to get out for a few weeks later. Sorry for your lose I lost my first husband of 48 years in 2001, still miss those years.
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    north central Kansas
    We started camping in the back of a '54 Ford station wagon in '63---then a tent---then a cab high camper---then a slide in--- then two 5th wheels---now have a Class A motor home---has hardwood floors and all the good "stuff"---really think we had as much fun in the staionwagon---but this is nice---really like the A/C in the Kansas summer---it's the friends you camp with that really makes it great---I still find it hard to call it 'camping' in the mtor home--Toby the Cat goes with us too

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    So sorry for your loss as it wasn't that long ago. I'm headed to Indiana in a few weeks but I'm camping at relatives.

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