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Thread: Some days that man can make me see 10 shades of red!/...vent!

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    I have them too . Mine is from hypothyroidism . Neither one is fun at all ! I had one so bad I couldn't see straight . I soaked a bath towel in cold water and put it in the freezer until it had ice crystals on it . Wrapped it around my head and that seemed to help . It's just too bad it doesn't cure it ! Annie

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    One of my triggers is dehydration. When I do get them, they last a minimum of 3 days, even taking maximum doses of Excedrin. I make sure I don't take more than that because it can cause liver damage. I chew the Excedrin because of a lapband but that does help it work faster. I'm lucky in that I don't get them as severe as some people, they just won't go away sooner than 3 days even with prescription drugs.

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    My husband is the exact same way! If I suggest what might be wrong, he says, "You're not the doctor!" or, "Stop diagnosing me!" but the minute one of us has a medical problem, he is on the phone, calling his mother. I feel like saying, "What am I? Chopped liver?"

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    I understand exactly what you are going through. I have migraines but mine are a cakewalk compared to DS#2. He has had them since age 3 and has tried every medication on the planet. The first thing is a good headache log. Write down all activities, foods, time of day of onset, where the pain is, what the weather is like, how quickly the pain gets to max, what medications taken, how quickly relief starts and when the pain is over. Also write down any other symptoms. Then get to a good neurologist.

    I just got back from taking DS to probably the best place for migraines in the country -- Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor. It was his first visit and he had the best and most thorough exam he has ever had at any of the previous neurologists that he has been to. People travel from all over the world to come there. If a regular neurologist is not able to help your daughter, you may want to check into it.

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    Migrains are real and know one can make them less real by not understanding. I used to suffer for them when I was a teen and up into my 30's. I had one last week and it was a doozy.

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    Men are not prone to headaches,they have no idea.

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    I have learned that I have a "premonition". My muscle in the right side of my neck tightens until it is in spasms. My DH and Sons recognize this and ask if I am ok, you are rubbing your neck? I have learned that I am "allergic" to almost every perfume/cologne & aspartame and MSG are immediate triggers. I keep Gatorade or Power aid on hand and will down at least a quart with 1 aspirin. I also learned bio-feedback. I chose my favorite place (beach on Tybee Island) and I go "walk" there while lying down in a COLD, Dark, completely quiet room. I have trained myself to listen to only the ocean swishing on the beach and the waves crashing on the rocks while Slowly breathing in and out. Also, if you feel in the soft spot between your thumb and first finger down next to where they join there is a nerve there (it will hurt when you squeeze it) Hold it tightly between your first finger and thumb from your other hand and make it hurt.... It it triggers your brain to release natural pain killing endorphins. (Nurses help me out here- I know someone out there knows the correct terminology.) I would highly recommend learning the bio-feedback it really puts you in control not the migraine.

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