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Thread: What is your favorite weight lost plan/strategy?

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    Reduce the caloric intake and rev up the exercise. I got some barbells at Wal-Mart and started a weight training program at home. Lots of exercise books out there that helped me get started. If you can't walk, no problem, use ankle weights, sit in a chair and do leg lifts. Do bicep and tricep curls. You can lie on the bed and do abdominal crunches. If you can walk add that in with the weight lifting. Muscles burn a lot of calories. I only lift 12 pounds, I started with 1 pound weights and have worked up. I can see the difference and feel the difference. I do not eat junk food, sweets, anything with white flour and beef. I eat 6 small meals a day of 200-250 calories, most of which is protein, good carbs and a little fat. This keeps the blood sugar level, no sugar spikes and I never feel hungry.

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    I've lost 50lbs over the past year. Basically cutting out all refined and processed foods. No flour (or any grains) and no white sugar. I do use coconut flour and flax meal to bake grain free breads, pancakes, pie crusts, cakes....etc.....

    No GM foods, either. The GAPS diet is what has worked for us. )
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    Paleo Diet. Don't know why it's called a diet. You can eat as much as you want, and the pounds drop off.

    Basically it's eating the way our ancestors ate before industrialization -- eat grass-fed and finished meat (you would be surprised what today's commercialized animals are fed which is passed on to us), pastured chickens (don't be fooled by free-roaming), eggs from pastured chickens, wild caught fish, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, preferably organic. Don't eat GM (genetically modified) foods such as soy and corn. No grains, sugar, or processed food.

    This lifestyle is healthy! Especially anyone suffering from modern-day health problems (allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, etc.,) will notice a difference.

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    Right now I am on a low carb diet. Have lost 8 lbs. in 4 weeks. Have not cheated at all ! ! Started out walking 15 minutes everyday and am up to 30 minutes a day. Eat lots of meat and salads and Jello. Very little bread and other starches. Like corn , potatoes , sweet veggies etc. etc. Working so far. Yeah ! ! !

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    I watch carbs and count calories (or at least make sure I am aware of them) and work out regularly at a gym. I lift weights at least twice a week, and do cardio workouts (run 3 miles or take a 45 minute "spin" class) three times a week. I avoid sugar, so no candy, cookies, ice cream or cake-- unless it's a special birthday~

    Try switching from white potatoes to sweet potatoes. They taste better and have a lower glycemic index.
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    My favorite weight loss is the one that stays off for good!
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    I just stop eating when I feel full. Don't gorge and you don"t have to eat everything on your plate.

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    I loved this thread. It has motivated me to start my own eating plan to lose weight. I've always known what to do but I love to eat, especially junk food. I figure with all the junk food/beer I cut out each month I will save about $80.00. I can use that money for fabric, yarn, and a new computer. I wrote out a draft of my plan this morning with a shopping list. I'm going to type that up, print it and have it handy. It feels good to have a plan and get control. My DD will be thrilled and so will my Dr.

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    very cool! I use a stationary recumbent in my home while I read or watch TV. I picked one up through Amazon for about $160, 2 years ago.
    I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health - Voltaire

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    Thank you everybody for all your suggestions/ideas!

    I have tried a lot of different weight loss plans. I know up front that if I have to count calories or points, I will do great at first then eventually stop doing it. I have bought smaller plates - I think they are called luncheon plates. DH and I have discussed it and have decided not to have seconds and no eating after supper.

    I have noticed the Library has the South Beach Diet, I have placed my name on the waiting list for it. Will read it through for ideas.

    That's a good idea about restricting/doing away with sugar. Have started buying higher quality bread - no more white stuff.

    One thing I really need to do is start some type of walking program. Now that it's cooler outside I should be able to.

    Would love a recumbent bike! Those look like they would be easy on the old knees.

    That's a good suggestion about not eating when not hungry or it's okay to leave food on the plate. I have never made my kids eat everything, except when they wanted seconds they had to finish what was on their plate and that meant eating their vegetables. But I have a hard time since that was how I was raised.

    I also need to concentrate on drinking more water. I feel better when I do.

    Okay, so for right now concentrate on:
    1. No junk food
    2. No going back for seconds
    3. Use smaller plates
    4. If I can't pronounce it - don't eat it. (lots of food these days have really weird ingredients)
    5. Stop eating when full.
    6. Drink water or unsweetened tea in place of diet drinks.
    7. Start moving.

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