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Things I would like you to know. In case you haven't heard.

Pinmoors are a One Time thing to buy. I worked hard to have them made of a material that will last forever.

They are 100% Made in America, the silicone and all.

Thank you for all the good things you say about them.
I received my first order of Pinmoors last week and I love them. I ordered the 100 mixed for $30.00. It was a bit pricey, but I think they are worth it. I will try and wait for a sale for the next time I order. I take blood thinner so when I stick myself, I bleed for a while, so they will pay for themselves less band aids. As for using the erasers, there isn't much savings there if they work. The ear plugs don't work, or at least the ones I had here at home and tried didn't, they squished too much. Plus they are bulkier and would get in my way. And one final thing, I appreciate the fact that they are American made and that in my opinion is worth the extra cost.