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Thread: ? About 'FriXion' Writing Pens

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    ? About 'FriXion' Writing Pens

    ? I remember hearing some info about the 'Pilot' brand 'FriXion' pens and something about a problem with them. Thing is I can't remember What the problem Was!
    Can anyone Else ? Thank you if you can help! Lori K.
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    When the markings that disappeared are exposed to extreme cold the markings come back. I did read that they will not do that after several washings.

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    I found them about 2-3 years ago at a quilt show, a vendor was marketing them as quilt marking pens. I bought several, tested them, and did some online research. The vendor claimed that you could mark your quilt, then iron after quilting, and the markings would disappear. However, the pen manufacturer noted that if the pen was left in a hot car it could "dry out" or not write, and the way to fix this was to place the pen in the freezer for 15 minutes or so. This made me curious, so I wrote on both paper and fabric, ironed both, and placed them in the freezer. Sure enough, the markings came back. Now, lots of people will say they don't plan on placing their quilts in the freezer, so they don't anticipate the markings to return. But MY concern was if the ink comes back, then it's still in the fabric. At that time, the manufacturer did not have any documentation about the ink being acid-free and/or archival, so I made the choice not to use it. I figure there are several products on the market specifically made for marking quilting patterns on fabric, and I would stick with them. I didn't bother testing the pens before/after washing the fabrics.

    Just my opinion and my choice about my quilts. I am positive there will be differing opinions. To each her own.

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    Another thing is if you mark on dark fabric it seems to bleach where you marked once ironed. I still use them though--just not on dark fabrics.

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    Last winterI used one on a wall hanging, ironed, marks gone, took project out to warm car, Outside Air temp was about 38, drove 2 hr to show my project, carried into building unwraped, the marks were back. Went home and through out pin, end of story. LOL I now use tailors chalk only.

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    I've been using it and no, I don't plan on freezing my quilt, so it isn't an issue. It will wash out. I just finished a quilt that I had used several things to mark the quilt. Knowing that heat often sets things, I washed the quilt and most of the frixion pen washed out. The rest of the markings I took an iron to.

    I do always test the pen prior to using it on my final project. I haven't come across it bleaching anything yet - but I also tend to use med to light color fabrics because dark fabrics are a pain in the butt to mark well.
    my name is becca and i'm a quilt-a-holic :-)

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    On dark fabric I've had the fabric color disappear. It left a white line where I had drawn it.
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    I only use them for their initial purpose: writing! They are great for grading papers with. Would not use them on a quilt.
    Maggie in Jerusalem

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    I use them and the white line disappears on the dark fabric after washing, at least mine did. Don't starch or use ironing spray on the marked lines. The pen is non toxic so nothing in the ink will harm fabric. I put a piece of white muslin marked with all colors of the pens then put in freezer after I ironed the marks off and washed it with detergent. The marks did not come back. Even if they did come back in the cold, I would just toss in the dryer and not worry about it.
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    I recently used a bright pink FriXion pen to mark a whole cloth WHITE quilt. I had heard about the controversy about the ink coming back when cold.
    Once I was done quilting, I ironed the marks away.
    Then I washed the quilt in TIDE detergent. I took the damp quilt and put it in the deep freezer for a couple of hours. Then cracked open (srsly) the quilt and there were no marks to be found. So then, and only then, I tossed it in the dryer. There are no signs of the marks after washing.
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