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Thread: adding borders...question?

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    Super Member AliKat's Avatar
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    If you have time and $ and don't want extra thickness, then cut washaway stabilizer in strips and place ofer wher you will be cutting and then sew and trim away excess quilt.

    If you cut first you chance stretching the cut bias edges and would probably have a wobbly border and bound edges.

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    Super Member Buckeye Rose's Avatar
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    OK.....so the jury vote is mixed.....LOL....when it comes time to mark and trim, whether done before adding border or after, how do you line up your marks?....I only have a 24" ruler, so will only be able to do one patch to the next, then move the ruler again.....how do I keep it square?.....will I be ok doing it that way?

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    Yes you have to move the ruler as you trim. It is helpful to lay it out on a large surface when triming. That said- I also sew with the points on top so I can make sure I am sewing close enough to the points but not over them. Even if I have to adjust seam allowance( make smaller /larger) to keep points even. I just made a "Winning hand " quilt and E. Burns said that block could be squared up with 1/4" seam allowance or 1/2". The 1/2" seam will allow the points to "float" so sram width errors will not be so noticible. Or another idea I heard is to "snap a chalk line" up the side of the quilt and use that as your cutting line. Haven't tried that yet but sound like a good idea!!!! Also make sure you measure your top through the middle when getting border length. Do not measure on the edge. That way if you do have stretch you can ease it in to the border fabric.
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    I would run a row of straight sitiching about a 1/4" and trim odd the excess. Mark a faint line with 24" ruler and sew about 3/8" seam from the cut edge, insuring you won't loose your points. I like to float my points as opposed to loosing them. You will have about 1/8" of background to your border. This is what I would do. Others have great ideas too.
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    Is there any reason why you couldn't or shouldn't serge that first border on? Sew it and trim in one fell swoop? (As long as you pin the border carefully first without stretching it...)

    I am getting ready to put on the borders on my first French Braid and I have a serger. Seems like it would do the trick, but wouldn't that leave a bulky seam in just that one line?


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    Can I make an alternate suggestion? Why not fill the spaces between the nine patches with the same fabric as the first border and then add more border so the nine patches appear to stick into the border. It would be a bit fussy to do but would sure make things sing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeye Rose View Post
    I finally have this quilt done to the point of adding the borders. All four edges have 9-patches, on point, that will have to be trimmed. My question is do I trim them first, then add borders? Or mark the lines and sew down the first border and then trim? Which is easiest? This pic is before I fixed the orientation of a couple of 9-patches...LOL.

    I'd prefer to see the solid triangles extended to the tips of the 9 patches.
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