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Thread: Am I being "set up?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RST
    If she's a hoarder who is trying to dig out, giving the fabric to someone who she thinks will use it is probably the strategy she is using to offload it.

    What might work would be to tell her that it's not your style, but you will gladly pass it on to a charity or guild or something where it will be put to good use. If she's hoping to set you up for making a quilt, then she won't continue to give to you. But if she is honestly trying to rehome and declutter, then that may satisfy her criteria. Better yet, you could give her a list of charity quilters or people who accept random fabric, and let her do the giving.

    I agree that this may be 'her way' of getting rid of things 'she's attached to'. Probably - Maybe - it makes her 'able' to give it away to someone 'she knows'. Otherwise she'd probably - maybe still be holding on to it.

    Have you thought to ask her why she's giving you these things? Does she think you NEED them?

    *IF* she asks you to make something for her and you don't have time to do it, be kind and say no - I can't.

    Good Luck!

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    I totally agree with this. It can be said in a nice way and would end the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by KathyAire
    I suppose that I would tell her that I appreciate her thinking of me but that's not the kind of fabric I use for quilting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriceJ
    there are a lot of people in the world who give with no expectations. just cruise through our donations section if you need proof.

    in the unlikely event she asks you for a quilt you have several options. these are just two among the others:

    1. offer to teach her how to make one. if you still have all or some of what she's given you, haul it out and show her how to make a crazy quilt or something scrappy.

    2. if she points out her past generosity as a "gotcha" tactic, offer to return everything. if you don't have it any more, remind her that she never said she was making payments toward services she'd hoped to receive down the line.

    why wait? if you belong to a guild, invite her to a meeting. she'll meet people and might decide to keep her fabs in the future to make her own quilts.
    I love the way you think :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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    I like the suggestion of offering to teach her how to make one herself, or offering to work alongside her. If she has a genuine interest in what you do, maybe that will work out. Of course, no one can appreciate how much time is involved in your quilting unless they've sat down and tried it.

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    Tell her next time she has stuff you don't like that you think it is kind of her to think of you but you do not need it and maybe it would be put to better use by some one else.

    If you do not like the stuff why take it? I would definitely not make a quilt either especially if she is not giving you the warm fuzzy feeling. For even a simple consigment quilt made of clothes I would charge $450.

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