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Thread: Am I using the wrong thread?

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    Am I using the wrong thread?

    I recently purchased a Bernina sewing machine. When I went for lessons, the woman told me not to use the thread I had, I use Essential thread that I buy from Connecting Threads. She told me that the spool is too loose on the spindle. She also told me not to use a cone holder because that too is too loose. I have an awful lot of Essential thread and have been using it for years on my Brother sewing machine. She said that it may be okay for Brother but not for Bernina. This surprised me because she sells thread on cones but it is polyester, which I don't want. She also sells rayon thread by Mettlar. Should I stop using the Essential thread on the Bernina machine? What are your thoughts and experiences?

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    I'd try one of those adapters that accommodates any size spool. And why would her cones be different than any other. Kind of sounds like she wants to sell you a bunch of thread.

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    That's a lot of bunk. If the thread works in your Bernina, it's fine. The reason I don't use Essential thread from CT is that it has a lot more lint than I like, and I like to minimize lint buildup in my machine. Aurifil 50wt is my new thread of choice for piecing and quilting because it is so smooth and lint-free. It is also a finer thread, so more fits on the bobbin. However, I am thinking of moving to polyester thread for piecing because it is completely lint-free.

    As long as you are aware of the lint problem and clean your machine frequently (be sure to read up on good practices for cleaning; you don't want to blow into the machine or use canned air inappropriately), you will be fine with the Essential thread.

    Edit: I have a wooden adaptor for the CT thread that I have, so it fits on the spool. Should also mention that I have a Bernina 1230 that is something around 15 years old and still going strong. My Bernina has handled any thread I've thrown at it over the years, but now I like to pamper her with lint-free as much as possible.
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    My Bernina (1030) uses most threads with no trouble.
    It will even take Bottom Line as the top thread and in the bobbin.
    I mainly use Aurifil as my top thread on all my machines.
    I often use a cone with the Bernina, but I keep it in a coffee can, have a safety pin taped to the back of the machine, through which I draw the thread.
    I like Connecting Threads colours but it's way too linty to use on any machine.

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    Sounds like she is wanting to make even more money getting you to buy thread. I use Coats and Clark and Connecting Thread's Essentials. I clean out the bobbin area with each bobbin change. Tell her if your thread won't work on that machine you will need to return it and buy a different machine. I bet that will change her tune. I have noticed now days that some are getting so money hungry they will tell you some real stupid things to see if we will believe them. I bought a Deely Bob that has several different spool holders and one of them should work, if you really need them.
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    when i bought my viking the dealer told me to NEVER EVER use any coats & clark thread in the machine---the first 3 or 4 years i didn't---then one day i did---and you know what??? made no difference to anything- worked fine, didn't hurt the machine---made no difference to anything-
    try it at home (out of the sheriff's site) & see how it goes- if you have no problem with it & you like it- use it...
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    I agree with the other posters, teacher is trying to sell you thread.

    My Bernina is older, a 1530 from 1992, but my Bernina loves Connecting Threads Essential thread. If you don't have any problems using the thread you already have in the new machine, then use what you have.

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    Personally I think this is one of those penny wise and pound foolish things. It's going to cost you way more to take a Bernina in and have it serviced because of lint build up on the inside where you can't clean it out than it will to just use a thread that's less linty.

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    Buy a spool of the recommended thread for your lessons at the shop. I use whatever thread I want in my Bernina and my dealer has never said differently.

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    I agree with most posters that the dealer is trying to sell you her thread, and with Scissor Queen that you could be sorry in the long run - especially if you are not diligent and thorough in cleaning your machine. That thread throws a LOT of lint.

    As for the size/shape of the spool and the spindle - those things can be easily fixed a number of different ways. I would not refuse to use a thread because the spool didn't fit my machine - I'd find a a spindle that DID work with the thread and the machine.
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