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Thread: Arrrrrrrggghhhhhhh....!!!!!!

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    Junior Member Cindy2sew's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Jefferson City, TN
    I was working on my sampler quilt. I had 13 of 17 blocks made and put to the side (thank goodness ) the other 4 blocks in pieces sitting on the table when my 9 year old dd spilled an entire full glass of iced tea over all the pieces!!!! Ruined all the pieces I had cut and ready to go.
    I calmly cleaned up the spill ( which just missed my Janome 10001) I just threw all pieces in the trash.
    Dd feels bad enough and I didnt need to make a scene but I sure feel like crying.
    New rule: NO food or drinks allowed in my sewing area.

    Thanks for listening to me vent,

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    Super Member sewwhat85's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    so sorry

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    Super Member charmpacksplus's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Oh No! I hate when that happens.

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    Super Member Vicki W's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I am so sorry to hear that Cindy. I know your DD felt badly and didn't intend the results. I hope you have everything you need to complete the last blocks.

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    Super Member bjnicholson's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Cleveland OH
    Blog Entries
    Ouch! I've had a couple of near missses, I'm the same as you. NO food or beverages in the sewing studio :evil:

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    Super Member OneMoreQuilt's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Grant Park, IL
    She will remember the way you handled this forever and learned from your patience. Good Grandma!

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    Power Poster CarrieAnne's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Whitewater, WI
    Hugs!!!!!!!!!! I sure feel for you! LOL, once my Son came running in with a bloody nose and hugged me, while I was quilting a light colored quilt. Yes, stains DID come out, but I wanted to cry!

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    Power Poster sueisallaboutquilts's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Cindy, I think it's awesome that you didn't make your DD feel worse than she already did.
    You sound like a great Mom!! :)
    You can make new blocks but can't take back screaming etc at an accident by her.
    Still sorry it happened though.

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    Super Member
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    Sep 2010
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    Who-eeee! That might have gotten at least a stern look out of me!

    One New Years Eve my DH went into the garage and got a can of black spray paint. He was feeling pretty good (no drinking, he just felt full of himself) so came up stairs to flirt with me a bit - you know, high school type show off stuff from a 35 year old male.

    He stood next to his baby grand piano, rolled the spray paint can from one hand to the other. When I protested, saying that it could really cause a mess if he dropped it, he started tossing it from hand to hand.

    You guessed right. HE MISSED the catch. The spray paint hit the right angle of the trim on the leg of the piano. The point of the trim pierced the spray paint can.

    Then we watched as the spray paint can 'self-propelled' itself with the paint leaking from the puncture in the can - all the way across the hardwood floor, toward the steps.

    DH gathered his wits (or lost them again, to this day I'm not sure which!) when the spray paint reached the top step, He started to run toward the steps, slipped on the wet paint that had just sprayed all over the floor and fell on his butt just short of going over the stair rail. As for me, I just said the first thing that came to mind, "Oh, S*it!"

    Then there was nothing either of us could do but watch as the spray paint rolled down eacg steps, on a direct course to an unscheduled 'repaint of his BROTHERS prized juke box. (His brother didn't have room for it in his house.)

    The spray paint can 'sprayed it's last' on the bottom step and rolled a foot or two, then stopped. It missed the juke box...

    All that happened in 4 - 6 seconds, but it seemed to happen in slow motion. When the paint stopped rolling, I looked at DH and said, "If one of the kids did that, you'd be having a fit. I don't want to hear any BS from you about this."

    Being a smart woman, I rounded up the kids and took them out to eat while he cleaned up his mess and bemoaned and cursed his fate.

    He did a reasonably good clean up job, but the hardwood really needed to be redone and the house stunk of turpentine. 15 years later, we finally redid the hardwood floors.

    We laugh about it now...

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    Moderator littlehud's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    SW Iowa
    Cathy, that is so funny.

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