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Thread: batting, whats good and why?

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    Jun 2012

    batting, whats good and why?

    I hear everyone say warm and natural but I want to know why that is? Considering the price of W&N I wont spend that much just cause people say its the best. Whenever I make my tote bags I have noticed that the batting seems to thin out and it doesnt have that puffy look it used to. So what kind do I need to buy to have it stay puffy. I am quilting about one inch squares.

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    i made my first quilt way back in 1976---so i've made alot of them- and personally i very seldom choose warm & natural---just not one of my favorites- i have customers who love it though.
    i do not recommend a specific batt---i feel there are so many wonderful batts on the market- and each has it's place- i choose the batt by the project-
    some of the batts i love are:
    all of the batts from the Dream company---Dream Wool, Dream Orient, Dream Bamboo, Dream Green, Dream Cotton---all of them- they are expensive though (i have to say dream wool is my favorite batt-but reserved for special quilts) the reason i like them so much is they are all very soft, easy to needle- work nicely for hand and machine quilting, have beautiful drape
    others i use alot of are the Hobbs batts- Heirloom, 80/20, hobbs wool, - a bit more affordable than the Dream Batts-
    they again have wonderful drape- a selection in lofts, hold up well- are easy to needle.

    i am a person who recommends to people to read the packaging---make sure the batt you are considering is a good choice for the project- some can be quilted up to 10" between quilting lines (like w&n) others need to be quilted every 2"---and everything in between- some are good for tied quilts- others are not
    take into consideration if it's going to be washed alot (a kids quilt or utility quilt) or if it may only get laundered a couple times in your life time---
    and take advantage of all the choices out there-
    try out a different batt when ever you have the opportunity & it will work for your project & keep a (batting journal)
    in mine i cut a 6" square from each new batt i'm trying out- i note the name of it- the fiber content- the quilting recommendations, the care instructions- where i got it & how much it cost- then after i use it i note my experience with it- then if i am on line shopping or something & someone is having a sale i can look back & see---oh i used that one 6 years ago and hated it! and know to not buy it again- or i also know- oh...i loved that one...
    don't restrict yourself to one persons preference---try them all & see what YOU like!
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    Have never used W & N. Use Hobbs 80/20 for cotton, and whatever is on sale for poly.

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    I get w&n from joanns on sale or with a coupon. I won't waste money paying full price for most things.
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    I like W & N & get mine with a coupon, too. I also like Hobbs 80/20 & am wild about wool.
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    I like Quilters Dream for hand quilting as it is like going through butter, W&N is so stiff.

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    Leah Day has a great page on batting info:

    For another interesting topic on batting, this article talks about testing various battings for what happens if the battings catch fire. Especially important to think about for baby/children's quilts, and quilts for invalids.
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    I've used W&N and liked it, at the moment I'm using Quilters Dream Cotton. The QD seems thicker than the W&N - but I notice that it's leaving a lot of fabric dander on my quilt AS I quilt it. I wouldn't exactly call it bearding, and it is highly possible that the only reason I notice is because parts of my quilt are black.

    When I can find it I am desperate to try wool.
    May your stitches always be straight, your seams always lie flat, and your grain never be biased against you.


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    Well for bags I like fusible fleece over batting. If you use the floriani fleece it makes it really puffy but is pricier than pellon

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    Thank you so much for this question and for the answers, especially for the websites. I was getting ready to put a cotton/polyester batting in a quilt for a child. Thank you, thank you for this information. I will now choose a safe batting to put in this quilt, and in other children's quilts that I make.

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