ohhh lotsa responses!

Thanks for all the references.. I'm writing them all down.. Although, I can research the heck out of something, paint like a demon etc... Mastering a quilting program for my comp utterly terrifies me...I'd download it and never find it again (shamefully it has happened a few times lol) I can also insert a dvd in my dvd/tv player ( lil grin). But I'm willing to give playing it on my comp a try..Scan a pic to my comp and post it on a thread..Been there tried that, a few times ugh ( gawd it's embarrassing to be so technically challenged lmao)

As I've told ghostrider already. I went out and found a quilt shop today on a mission to find an artsy instructor..The shop and classes were all geared toward traditional quilting..But the lady was so sweet in giving me the name and # of a woman who does artistic quilts ( has won many awards) Told me to give her a call..But couldn't promise anything ( the womans hubbys been sick)...I'm definitely going to call and try to tempt her with money and or barter some high end custom faux....(crossing my fingers)

Renee, I totally understand what you are saying about starting with a pattern to get your feet wet, so to speak...And although I have followed a few patterns from one of my books successfully... I then ordered that quilting pattern I'd seen on here that I fell in love with "Ribbons n Motion" and omg... I went cross eyed trying to figure it out lmao... It scared me off of ordering patterns..Till I seen some of Jenny Beyers patterns ( drooling lol)... I decided to give it one more shot and read through her site till I came across, reportely one of her easiest popular patterns..Wish me luck! ha

Even if I can't figure out posting online pics...If need be I will have a friend post some pics of my progress on here...Thanks again for the resources