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Thread: Best darn scissors ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K'sKamper View Post
    My Gingher's are off limits to everyone as well. Have 3 pair now and have considered scheduling them on my Homeowners Insurance along with jewelry.
    Too funny. Everyone in my household knows my sewing studio is off limits to ALL.
    Nami to 6

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    Will definitely look into the wallpaper scissors. Thanks for the tip!

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    I love Gingher scizzors. I got a pair for only !2 dollars after using a 40% coupon from Joanne's and I love love love love love them!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by QandE2010 View Post
    Too funny. Everyone in my household knows my sewing studio is off limits to ALL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tashana View Post
    I guard my scissors like crazy. It became a family joke so my christmas stocking was stuffed with all kinds of scissors. You would think we can keep track of them...not so much. There is four of us in the house and I have grown a pair of eyes on the back of my head and still I find my scissors in the weirdest places (when I do not need them). I am seriously contemplating one of those baby locks with alarm for my sewing drawer.
    When my kids were at home, the sewing desk drawer that had a squeak in it was were I put my scissors so I know when someone was getting my scissors!
    quilting with my dogs

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    thinks for the info...I am always looking for a good pair of long lasting scissors.

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    I thought you were supposed to cut wallpaper with a paring knife? Stick the putty knife into the fold at the ceiling, and then cut with a paring knife...I guess I've been doing it the wrong way, LOL. I tried regular cheap scissors on wallpaper, didn't work. I'll have to get a pair of these.

    Quote Originally Posted by abdconsultant View Post
    I'm left handed & I have every kind of scissors known to man, almost. For cutting yardage these are my all time favorite.
    Wallpaper scissors, they cut fabric and paper. You get them at the paint supply stores for around $8.00 to $10.00.

    These same scissors have served me well for 7 years! Never needs sharpening!!!

    Don't even try to sharpen, the scissors marked for paper only is my attempt to sharpen a dent out of the cutting blade WHERE SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME...tried to cut wire, I'm guessing. They won't cut fabric now, but will cut paper perfectly.

    Since there are just two of us living in this house, I'm watching him
    Marge Campbell
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    Apr 2011
    Another inexpensive trick for those that are living with significant others and children. I went to the dollar store and bought a BUNCH of scissors. Look like my sewing scissors but are $1. I put them EVERYwhere in the house. In the kitchen, in the desk, by the computer. I even put a nail in the kitchen wall and hung a pair of kitchen scissors on it. You use it and then hang it back on the nail. It sure did help. I did this after hiding my good sewing scissors and then couldn't find where I hid them. hahaha. They did show up months later after buying more scissors. lol

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    I recently bought a tool box and added a Master Lock with key. This was after DD used scissors to cut photographs. Talk about dull-fabric just slides to the side.
    I went onto eBay and replaced the scissors that were ruined. I love my little tool box, but since I bought it I see Sears has pink toolboxes. That may be on my Christmas list.

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    Thanks for the tip. I guarded my scissors and yet my husband used my best shears to cut insulation- fiberglass no less. He learned his lesson though when he had to replace my shears and set him back $35 in 70s $$. No longer married LOL!!! Now when I sew I know my scissors will be where I put them and in the condition I left them. Never heard of wallpaper scissors before your tip. I always learn stuff on this board. It's the best.

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    fruitland id.
    me too scissor guard. let them buy you new fabric scissors and they usually ask first (not really)just have an abundance of dollar store scissors on the magnetic strip

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