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Thread: Building a New house w/ studio All Ideas welcome

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    Sounds like an amazing opportunity. I would second the ceiling outlets, especially for your long arm. There's also a spring thing-y that retains the extra cord as the quilting head moves along the rail so you don't have all that extra cord laying around. Here's an example:
    Also, you might want to take a look at the special organization thread in the pictures section:
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    When I planned my sewing rm (27 X 30) I knew the quilt machine would be out away from the wall so YES, do get outlets in the ceiling, we bought the pull down extension cords from sears (just like DH has in his wood shop). So when not needed just pull on it to retract it. Since I have so many things around the walls of the rm, this works great to pull it down to run the vacume too! :P
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    I'd be worried about your fabric fading if you have skylights in there. Just get some natural daylight lights instead
    I just added a 8' length of shop lighting in to my craft room and I love it. I don't know why I didn't push for it sooner. It is so much nicer than my old lights that's for sure! I can see now! My craft room is about the same size as the one you are getting and one length was good for me. It's 4 4' flourescent bulbs. It isn't the prettiest to look at but the light it gives off is fabulous. I know it sounds silly but I spent at least a half hour deciding what color temperature I wanted to put in there. I'm very happy with the one I got. It's 4100. For me that works. I felt it was easiest on my eyes and a good neutral-ish shade for looking at my fabric and whatnot.

    About the 8' design wall... if you have any way to make it wider than that, I would do it. If you make a really large quilt, you will really wish you had a wider area.

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    You are talking about a centre ceiling light why have everything looking at a wall. You sit by the wall and work with frame etc i front that way light from above will shine on work. Don't forget an area to store boxes with scraps ini would have a large centre cutting board and make a large ironing area which would be very useful for quilt back.what kind os seats? A quiet corner by window to hand stitch.
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    I have no ideas to add, but it sure is fun reading about all of them!! Very envious here...you are going to have such a great space!! And with a view. How good can it get?


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    I am envious and still happy for you.

    Lots of electric outlets. You might even want some in the floor and covered til in use.

    I personally don't like skylights. I love Solar Tubes. They let in more light without letting in the cold or heat.

    Adjustable track lighting so you can rearrange you studio as desired. Just use the natural light bulbs.

    A large cutting table, accessible from all 4 sides! A friend used 2-4 Ikea cabinets as bases that are used for storage.

    A place for a big board on your ironing surface. If you don't want it up all the time then a place for storage when not in use ... could be in the walk-in closet.

    Curtains??? Maybe consider blinds or plantation shutters. Easier to dust and keep clean. Also can be opened for light or ventilation as needed.

    Consider your own personal preferences. For instance, I cannot feel comfortable with my back to the door [I read mysteries, can you tell, and have some cop friends] or facing a wall. I could maybe face a window, just not with my back to the doorway.

    A large door space into the studio if possible. Pocket or outer sliding barn style doors. Even screens could be used to separate it from the rest of the home if you want. I took off my French doors and bought a used sccreen to place across the doorway when entertaining other than quilting/sewing friends.

    Plan, plan, plan ... keeping in mind how you function best.

    Maybe even a little beverage area. And room for any friends who might sew/quilt and visit.

    Enjoy the journey. Maybe even keep a journal of the process including pictures.

    Have fun quilting! If it isn't fun, you will miss a lot.

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    First, congrats - how wonderful to get space dedicated to your quilting - and you get to do basically anything you want - wow!

    Recently Ricky Tims gave a tour of his new studio. Go down about half way to the 11/2/12 video. He has some cool tips. http://www.thequiltshow.com/os/blog.php

    There are tips her on the QB: http://www.quiltingboard.com/mission-organization-f23/

    And one of the QB members has a studio that I have kept in a file, for "someday, all time dream room" - but I cannot remember her name, but here is her flicker page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/athomesewing/2672674140/
    She give lots of details how she did it.

    Good luck with your new studio - be sure to show us.

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    The little sewing room that we added to the house we built several years ago ... I changed the curtains to shutters so I could manipulate the light worked way better than curtains - you get shutters that slide which are great so if its a cloudy day you can slide them to one side and have a fantastic view and the can be put on the doors and windows a central good height table, big sink
    love the idea of music! Enjoy all the planning!!

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    It sounds like your design is already planned but will mention a North facing window light is supposed to be 'pure' light with no shadows or glares. The idea of a wall mount ironing board sounds good but mine is a commercial style which is rather small and not as helpful for utility purposes. It would be great to have the cabinetmakers build a wall mount for you. A friend built a top/table to fit on our existing free stand ironing boards.

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    Two suggesions------------put electrical outlets at just above counter height. If you are going to have sewing equipment OFF the walls, be sure to put in some outlets hanging from the ceiling. I'm reluctant to suggest outlets in the floor. Murphy's law prevails and it would only be a matter of time until a pin or needle lands in a floor outlet.

    If you don't want cords hanging down all the time, put them on a retracting wheel and just keep a lightweight chain or cord to pull the outlets down.

    If you are going to have several pieces of electrical stuff, you might also think about a couple breakers. Be sure to leave room for a radio/boom box and TV maybe. AND A VERY comfy chair for your handiwork. I'd use a lot of the CFLs if you have then in Chili. And be sure they are placed to your best advantage. YOU will have to specify what you want-------------YOU know, THEY don't.
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