Hi! I'm Linda and I, too, have a problem. My problem is I cannot afford to support my habit in the way I would like to become accustomed. LOL
Today I found myself trying to browbeat my DD into being excited about letting me make her a quilt that she doesn't really want. Now that is sad. She just really is not a quilt person, and even tho I wanted to make her one, it's not something she cares at all about having. I was actually going to force it on her.. how crazy is that?
I came to my senses mid-discussion when I was trying to get her excited by showing her different fabrics I was thinking about using. She was getting irritable because I just wasn't getting it that it wasn't something she was ever going to be excited about. Ding!!! The light came on. How glad I am that I saw it before I made the quilt! LOL