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Oh Rhonda, I'm sorry that your daughter has all those things on her plate. My DDIL says that she know God wouldn't give her more than she can handle, but sometimes I'm not so sure.

There is a plaque hanging on the wall of the cardiac unit of Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto that reads:

"You must be a very special person to be given such a special child!"

I read that plaque many times over the years as I walked the corridors of that unit while my youngest son was in for multiple surgeries... we often hear the words, "why me?" when parents have a child with special needs. I never asked why me, instead I said "why not me, and what lesson am I going to learn?"

We learn more from our children than we ever will teach them . :)
That is a wonderful saying to put on a plaque, and i am sure it gives encouragement to many.
I couldn't agree more, Shadow, about learning from children. We do have a job to do, but sometimes we forget that it is a two way street and we need to listen,...out of the mouth of babes... :wink: