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Thread: don't join chat 08-30-08 troll present

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    Mar 2008
    I HOPE my name wasn't used in chat! I was not present in chat on the 30th.

    If my name was there and anything was said, it wasn't me!

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    Jan 2008
    currently central new jersey
    Quote Originally Posted by PatriceJ
    I'm sorry you guys got ambushed in chat. Also ... appologies to those who sent PMs asking for my help. I wasn't here and just read them a few minutes ago.

    I don't have the ability to block users from the board or from chats. Admin can block users from the board ... i don't know if he can lock folks out of the chatroom. It would be difficult in any case because there are only the two of us, so we can't "work" the board 24/7.

    the only two "solutions" i can think of are to either ignore intruders or for everyone to leave the chat. neither of those are helpful suggestions, though, are they? sorry.

    idiots like the one who harrassed you last evening get their thrills from the horrified reactions of the people they're pestering. i have a feeling that if you fight the urge to respond ... just continue talking to each other as though you hadn't even noticed that "person" ... they'd get bored and go away.

    if i find out there's another way to deal with them, i'll let you know.
    when my daughter was away at school she and her room mate got ananymous calls from someone who kept calling them. finally one of them said to him 'does your mother know what you're doing? she would be so ashamed of you." believe it or not, he never called back. sometimes you have to remind people that what they do is cowardly and shameful. no man wants to be thought of as a coward.

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    Sorry that this has happened on such a wonderful site. I haven't been on today and just read about this.

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    Mar 2007
    This kind of scares me. I've gotten a couple messages on my Windows Live Messenger from different random people asking me to go to some dirty website usually involving a web cam. Its like spam you'd get in your Junk Email, but more personal. I can't figure out how they're sending me this crap 'cause I don't give out my personal info to anyone...unless they're a friend or someone on here made a fabric offer to me. And blocking doesn't make it stop because its from a different email address each time. So this whole thing going on with chat doesn't make me too comfortable at all.

    And whoever is pulling off this BS on chat disgusts me. Its utterly shameful that some creep cowering behind a computer screen with nothing better to do would harass the nice people of this board and get kicks out of getting horrified reactions from them.

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    Super Member Carol W's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    What a sad sad person they must be to have to behave in such a way.

    I was not on chat that night, but it must make for a extremely unpleasant chat.

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