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Thread: Hoffman fabrics at JoAnns

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    Super Member Lori S's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    Hoffman fabrics at JoAnns

    This past week I was visiting my Mom in another State... we had to stop at JoAnns for the buttons they had on sale. Well while we were there we looked at the quilting fabric.... and to my shock ... they had about 10 bolts of Hoffman fabric. This was no fluke , or seconds and on Hoffman bolts. I was told by the section manager that Hoffman was making a line of fabric specifically for JoAnns. I thought Hoffman had a Independent only when it came to who they sold too???!!!!!
    I was pricey $12.99 per yard. Most Hoffmans at my LQS at still about $12.50. Any one else seen this?
    I have to admit I was dissappointed with Hoffman when I saw it... LQS have enough issues in this economy.
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    Super Member katier825's Avatar
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    My local Joann's gets some too. Not much of a selection, but it was great for the back of the quilt I did...perfect colors to go with the front. I'd never pay that price though. I'd use a coupon or wait for a sale.

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    Garland, Texas
    I haven't looked. I'll have to stop by Joann's to see what they have. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Apr 2012
    Headquarters = Mission Viejo, Calif.
    Hi Lori S. -- So glad I happened to stumble upon your post, and am able to offer insight. Hoffman California Fabrics is focused on independent quilt shop retailers. This group is our major customer, and for which we design our screenprinted fabrics as well as our authentic Bali Batik fabrics. The company was approached by JoAnn a few years ago at a time when this retailer was increasing its offering of quilting fabrics and quilting supplies and notions. The collections Hoffman California creates exclusively for JoAnn are limited in number. As a company, 1) we don't do that many, 2) the screenprints are created on completely different greige goods that are not the same very high quality of the screenprints sold to your LQS and 3) the selvege on the goods created for JoAnn is very specific that it is for JoAnn only. JoAnn sets its own price; Hoffman California is not involved in JoAnn's pricing. You'll find that some other major textile manufacturers have similar programs with JoAnns, and no doubt you've seen signature goods from major designers (Denyse Schmidt, Mary Engelbreit, Debbie Mumm, etc.) being sold at JoAnn. As an avid quilter, I personally can appreciate the shock you must have felt at seeing the Hoffman California name on the selvege. Rest assured, our focus remains on independent quilt shops and independent fabric retailers and we support these customers in a wide variety of ways through our marketing and sales efforts. Please look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get "breaking news," ideas for creativity and opportunities to win fabric. Also, visit our Free Quilt Patterns Gallery at www.hoffmanfabrics.com for projects created for our newest screenprinted collections and Hoffman Bali Batiks. Hopefully we keep you as a fan of our fabrics, because your support naturally means support to hundreds of LQS retailers around the country. Respectfully, Michelle F., marketing coordinator/Hoffman California Fabrics.

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    Jan 2012
    Tks, Michelle. I have found various manufacturers fabric that I love at big box stores like Connecting Threads just to name a few and it really sticks in my craw to think that such high quality fabric would be sold at these stores when they're well respresented at the LQS. Now that I know that the quality isn't as good, I can live with that. Thanks again for clearing that up for us.

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    Super Member joyce888's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    Yes I've seen Hoffman in Ga. JoAnns.

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    Power Poster Mariposa's Avatar
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    SE Washington
    Thanks for the insight Michelle!
    Be a blessing to others, as you may entertain angels unaware!

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    Roseville, CA
    I've seen Hoffman fabrics in JoAnns. I felt it and it was obvious to me that it wasn't the same stuff at my LQS. At first I thought Hoffman was selling "seconds". Glad to know the real story, thanks Michelle for posting the facts for us.

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    Super Member feline fanatic's Avatar
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    Thank you Michelle at Hoffman fabrics for taking the time to register and post on the QB and clarify. I especially value this statement: 2) the screenprints are created on completely different greige goods that are not the same very high quality of the screenprints sold to your LQS

    So often the debate comes up on the QB that the quality of fabric is not the same at big box as the LQS. Those on one side insist it is while those of us who buy from the LQS insist there is a different grade of greige goods are told there is no way a fabric manufacturer would go to all the trouble and expense to create two different grades of fabric, one for the big box and one for the LQS. Now we have heard it from the horses mouth so to speak and hopefully it will bring an end to those that insist the big box stuff is exactly the same. I have made side by side comparisons and knew it wasn't just from touch, especially once all the sizing is washed out of the inferior product. I feel vindicated.

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