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Thread: Home ec sewing classes..do schools offer these anymore?

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    learned as a child, by the time I was 10 was sewing my own cloths, (mom made beltloops to wide, collars not pointy ect.) I took sewing in high school to make my leather winter coat. did it in 2 weeks and was free from then on. I remember the girls having a hard time. I felt it was the worst place to learn sewing. I made a lot of money sewing their outfits and charging $1/button in 1975 for the girls.
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    Had home ec in the mid-60's. Made a blouse with "pop art" fabric. Sewed it wonderfully, but it didn't fit me when I was finished! I had grown 3 inches and had boobies! Oh well. I haven't had a child in school in over 10 years, so I can't say what is being taught now. When my youngest graduated high school in 2003, the school was still offering cooking and woodworking - open to either gender.


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    They don't teach it in my school district so I started teaching it to one or two of the neighborhood kids in my home. Now I'm up to 9 boys and girls. I got the parents to get the kids Janome mini sewing machines for Christmas so the kids could each bring their own machines. For some of the kids the Janomes works fine but for a few of the heavy sewers they ate through the machine in a week. I suggested to their parents to get treadles and 3 of them did, now everyone including parents want treadles. Come to think of it I wouldn't mind having a treadle myself.

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    I was in school in the 60's up in Manitoba and we had home ec. Half the year was sewing and half the year was cooking. I must agree with most of you we made the most hideous things. We had to make an apron and top out of gingham, a dress with long sleeves and zipper, blouse with collar and buttons. But the cooking class I loved, 4 kids to a group and we had our own little kitchen area with stove etc. was great and we put out some good food

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    The big district I teach in cut home ec and wood shop in middle school/junior high when budget cuts were needed about 13 years ago. They are expense courses to have in school, but boy, they are so important. I believe the students can take these classes in high school, but usually have so many other things to take that they don't take advantage of these classes. It is so sad. Many times, kids that struggle academically, are very successful with their hands.

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    My kids took sewing in junior high. The high school offered nothing. But I made up for that! All 3 of my kids(2 boys) can sew enough to get by. Each has used my sewing machine to make book bags and such. My oldest son(24) crochet me a scarf for christmas! Now he wants to learn to make fabric bowls. You know the kind made with clothes line. My daughter crochets occassionally. And my youngest son made his own ugly christmas sweater this past christmas. Of course he bought a plain sweater, then sewed the ugly onto it, but I was still proud of his creation.

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    I remember making the UGLIEST grey jumper in 8th grade and cooking in the other half of the year. None of that offered here anymore, and I agree completely that they are life skills. My youngest spent a summer before her senior year at the University and had to teach so many of the others how to do their laundry. Home Ec or parent responsibility, someone needs to teach these!

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    Back in the early 60's, we were required to take home ec as girls and shop for boys. We swopped for 6 weeks. I loved it. In high school the classes were electives which didn't fit in with my college prep class schedules. My mom did minor sewing and didn't teach me how except to mend. My oldest son, now 44, took a class in 8th grade that taught home living skills such as cooking, mending, and laundry. He doesn't do hardly any of it now. My 3rd son who is 27 took a similar class still uses the skills he learned which his new wife appreciates. I made a small quilt with my 13 year old GDD but she only liked doing it for about an hour. My only daughter made a small wall hanging then lost interest. My grandmother was a very good seamstress but wasn't interested in me, only my oldest cousiin and left her her sewing machine in her will (she has never sewn).

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    They still have these classes in Australia , one of my Best friends teaches the sewing classes
    her work is always perfect, she can do blanket stitch by hand and you swear it was done on a machine .Cathy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa_wanna_b_quilter View Post
    Our small town school cut it out years ago due to budget constraints.
    But I bet that sports were not cut. Yea, like everyone will become a pro athlete!

    Of course it is not important to learn a constructive skill (sewing, cooking, shop classes) learn how to plan and prepare nutritious meals and understand the economics of meal planning, (think obesity rates today) etc but heaven forbid the schools not have millions of $$ tied up in sports! Sorry for my rant!


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