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Thread: How do you find the time???

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    I had five kids, babysat grandkids, worked full time and still found time to sew/quilt. If you are serious about getting it done, you absolutely MUST have a machine that is out and ready to go, no fishing it out of a closet and finding stuff to work with. I did my cutting on the top of a chest type freezer (with a mat on it). Sewed in the dining room, Kept a project out at all times and then I could sew a little while the potatoes boiled, or I waited for the oven to finish a meal. If the phone rang and it was a long conversation, I sewed while I talked. Sewed while I waited for the dryer to get done. Sewed while I waited for the kids to gather up their stuff for school or other activities or get ready for church. Just a few minutes here and there will get your projects done. Now I am retired and I can sew whenever I want. It's heaven!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saragasch View Post
    I understand perfectly! I am a stay at home mom with four kids, my youngest is still at home. While I don't work outside the home finding time to sew is so difficult! There are weeks I manage 15 minutes. I think the big thing is that I know quilting is my stress release, if I don't find time, even ten minutes to take for myself I become very grouchy. So instead of doing dishes for the third time I take ten minutes for me. Not nearly enough time but better than nothing. I also recently have started to 'include' my kids in my time in the sewing room. I set up there keyboard, placed a table for them in there. When I go in they bring coloring books, or play piano. That way I get quilting done, (maybe not by myself), and I don't feel like I am neglecting my kids...
    I agree as well but also if they are old enough for scout, school and other activities they are ready for responsibility. They can clear and load the dishwasher, take out the trash, make their beds and put away their clothes. That should help clear away anywhere from 30 minutes or more a day. By the time they go away to school they will have to be able to do that and so much more. So do the all of you a favor and start now. There are too many young kids who don't know how to do these little things much less the big things.

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    Hi There,
    Nancy Zieman has a book out titled "15 minutes A Day". Hopefully your library has it. She gives some pretty good advice ther. Rhapsody you can get some workable ideas there.

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    You have to prioritize. When you're old no one will remember how clean you kept your house, but they will remember the lovely quilts you made.

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    My dearie, we all have time constraints. I work full time and often my work days extend into the evening. I get home too tired to look at a quilt except to snuggle under it and sleep. I sneak time on the week-end. Saturday afternoon and sometimes into the evening. Sunday afternoons are often productive. Because I am in the education field, I can grab time during the university breaks. I plan all fall for the two days after Thanksgiving for quilting. Then start planning for the 10 days I have around Christmas. I become obsessed, skip meals and house cleaning. I often have even forgotten to feed the cat. She does remind me of her presence by trying to sleep on my quilt while I free motion. A most effective way to get my attention!

    Don't be too hard on yourself if you can't quilt for hours every week. This is a time in your life when your family needs you too. They will go up and grow away from your home and you will then have more time for YOU and your passion. Slow and steady is beautiful. Oh, and do a reality check on what your want and desire to do and what time you actually have available. I had to do this when my family was at home. I would plan 15 projects but only really had time for 5 or 6. Be kind to yourself and don't lose the joy of your creations because you must hurry on to the next gift your want to make for someone.

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    Blog Entries

    finding the time...

    Quote Originally Posted by NewbieToQuilting View Post
    ....How do you find time to sew? My husband works in the oilfield, we have two kids in school, sports & scouts and I work full time. I find it more and more difficult finding time to sew. I have projects I need to do for Christmas but I'm running out of time!
    This comes from a friend who worked and loved to quilt/sew. She told herself that every eve. after work, the kids in bed, and all, that she would sew/quilt for 30 min. She stuck with that plan and showed some beautiful pieces at guild.
    Have a wonderful Quilting Day, make it your way!
    Martha Tompkins

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    I found a cute poem a few years back:
    Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better
    To paint a picture or write a letter.

    It goes on to mention many other things you could be doing instead of housework. But the last stanza says it all.

    Dust if you must, but keep in mind
    Old age will come, and it's not kind
    Then, when you go, and go you must
    You yourself will make more dust.

    It didn't have an author's name on it, but I wish it did.
    Mavita - Square dancer and One Room School Teacher

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    I know what you mean, my children are all married, but they and the grandchildren take up a lot of my time, and my husband is retired and he expects me to put three squares on the table every day and Heaven forbid that he clean up after himself. Not complaining, but I got more done when I worked.

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    I feel your pain! I also work full time and at my age, I have found I am slower at doing everything. But also noticed, I would probably get more quilting done if I didn't spend so much time on Quilting Board. But you know, I enjoy this too. Don't beat yourself up, but you may do as others have suggested and dedicate 15 minutes a day to your sewing. You deserve that small amount of 'me' time, so if something else has to go undone, that's OK. It will be there tomorrow. And, also as suggested, the kids can each have their chores. It will take some of the burden off you, and will teach them that they are a valuable part of the family.
    When a dying man asked his pastor "How long does it take to die?" his pastor's heartfelt reply was "A lifetime." Live life to the fullest, but stop now and then to enjoy the sunset.

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    even in retirement, I find I'm always so busy that I'll finally get around to my quilting studio by late afternoon, early evening most days. Some time in there is way better than none!

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